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How many of you are single and HATE Valentine’s Day?

How many of you are in a relationship yet resist the obligation of HAVING to get him/her a present?

And how many simply love another excuse to have pleasure? (pick me!! pick me!!)

My wish for you this Valentine’s is to let go of feelings of pain (being single), pressure (in a relationship) and instead choose PLEASURE.

If you’re alone, masturbate. I’m serious. Rarely has a day been so bad that a good session of self pleasure can’t improve. Don’t worry, no one will know except for that unexplainable glow on your face…

If you’re in a relationship, please let go of all the VALIDATED reasons you have to withhold sex… and give the gorgeous gift of your goddess body and make passionate love to your partner. Life is too short. Do it for you, for them, for the kids, for the world, just make up and be ‘blissed’ out with pleasure.

I am alone this Valentine’s Day getting a facial, working on treatments for two TV’s shows and of course… ah hem… self pleasuring myself!

Can’t wait to talk to you Members on the call this month on the 27th… sending love to you all!

Deliciously yours, Allana

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