steve jones hypnosisby Steve G. Jones

Hypnosis is all about organization and the removal of clutter. It works at the deepest levels of the subconscious to organize thoughts and allow for a free flow of information. This in turn allows us to overcome bad habits and fears and change the way we respond in certain situations. What hypnosis can do for the mind it can also do for our external environment by changing a mind-set that leads to clutter and disorganization.

Feng Shui is all about how we respond to nature and our environment just like hypnosis affects our responses to situations. That environment may be a room, our entire home, or the office. It is about the relationship between our furnishings and belongings and how they make us feel and act in a certain environment. A good example is seeing a child in a room full of scattered toys. The children will usually play more aggressively and not stay focused on any single toy or task. Organize those toys by type and size and place them in buckets, bins, or on shelves and the entire dynamics of play change. With only one bin removed at a time the open space is better utilized for structured play that is less aggressive.

Living in harmony with our surroundings is the premise behind the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui. To do this one must become more organized. There is a calmness that comes from being in an orderly space over a disheveled one. If you are not a naturally neat and organized person this is where hypnosis can help. Hypnosis can first help you relax. It then offers subconscious suggestions that instill a desire to be more organized. As the organization begins, the feelings derived from a Feng Shui way of life begin to perpetuate.

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