dream journalA dream journal is pretty much a journal containing highlights of your dreams.

Seems simple…but the point isn’t to just make a “log” of your dreams – it’s to discover the messages your dreams are holding for you.

Here Are Some Useful Tips To Successfully Make A Dream Journal Work For You:

1. The “Two Dream Journal Method”:

Here – one notebook is for the rough details of the dream, as best you can remember them – jotted down quickly and as stream-of-consciousness and unedited as possible.

Then you take the second notebook and go back, clean up the details and write your notes and thoughts and feelings and your analysis of the bits and details.

The “initial dream journal” should be ideally within an arms reach from your bed.

As a dreamer – you want to be able to write down your dream the moment you wake up. And especially, if you’re disturbed by a dream in the middle of the night and wake up – that would be a great time to write it all down.

Then, during the “waking hours,” the items written down on the rough detail notebook could then be thoroughly gone over.

This second journal is where you do the work of using your dream journal to “work out” the images and feelings that showed up in your dreams, and USE them in your life and relationship.

So –

How Do You Even Remember Your Dreams Long Enough To Write Them In Your Dream Journal?

If you have a hard time remembering how a dream started – tracing it backwards actually helps.

The point of this is to establish a point in the dream, then letting the memory follow the started process, eventually defining where the dream leads to, or how it even began.

Amazingly enough, many people wake up and remember all the details of their dreams, the entire storyline, all the characters, everything that happened – and, most important: How they FELT during the unfolding of the dream and how they feel NOW re-experiencing the images of the dream.

And – most of us don’t.

I tend to “lose” the train of my dream within moments of trying to remember it, and then – other times – it’s as though the entire dream is seared in my memory and I can’t shake it off no matter how hard I try.

It’s easy to think that these dreams that have a “hold” on us are the “important” ones – but that’s not necessarily true.

The function of dreams is to sift through all the imagery we experienced during the day, mix it up with our subconscious memories and programming and patterns, and spin stories that somehow “work out” all the pressures, interests, thoughts, beliefs, images that whirl through our brains and make them, for brief moments, available to us consciously – even though we’re asleep.

If we want to pay attention to the messages and images our brain produces while we sleep – it’s just fascinating what you can discover about yourself.

AND – in a relationship – it can be a powerful, sexy, romantic thing to talk about with each other to add more interest and juice to everything between you – and it can also spark discussions about “waking life” issues you may feel afraid to otherwise talk about.

*Nuts-and-bolts: When it comes to writing down remembered dream sequences in your dream journal, make sure you write down the specific date, and if possible – the time, too.

This would provide you with a “cataloged” dream journal, stating the specifics of your dreams at night – and make it possible for you to find patterns that can help you see what your dreams are saying to you.

Your dream journal could become a bit of a fun addiction.

Your dream journal is all about YOU – and so it can be fun.

And, if your man finds it interesting because it’s a new way to talk about HIM(!) – then you’ve got a whole new way to talk in an intimate, personal way without scaring or upsetting each other (after all, you can’t “judge” or be “nasty” about someone else’s DREAM!) – then you can add a whole new dimension of closeness and real intimacy to every part of your relationship.

Your dream journal can actually help you change your way of thinking – your way of seeing yourself, and your way of seeing him – and it might do the same for him.

He might see you as more of a person – with more personal things to share that can allow him to share more of HIMSELF.

A dream journal is a great help for developing your personal self-awareness, detailing your emotions and behaviors by tracing things back to your dreams – and it’s a fascinating view into your very own subconscious.

If you can get a glimpse of your subconscious – and also get a glimpse of HIS subconscious – you’ve got a whole new, deeper level happening in your relationship.

If your dreams interest you, we’re developing some books about dreams and how to use yours to help you in your love life – and in the meantime, Kelly Sullivan Walden has tremendous help for you on our great “7 Steps To LifeLong Love” program – she talks all about how to use your dreams to help your relationship grow deeper, what they mean – and how you can actually influence your dreams to retrain your old patterns and blocks and move even faster to the love you truly want.  Take a look here at “7 Steps” and how to create a deeper love relationship with your dream journal–>>


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