expectationsThere is nothing that can cause us to disconnect from each other as much as expectations that have been unfulfilled.

We all enter relationships with many kinds of expectations and dreams, some we are aware of, others not. There is nothing that causes more disappointment than our expectations which are not being met.

Take a moment to become aware of what you are expecting of your partner. Is it possible for him to fulfill these expectations Does he want the same thing from the relationship?

More often than not, it is our unfulfilled expectations, not the other person, which make us upset. In order to feel close and satisfied in a relationship, a crucial step is making sure your expectations can be met.

See how your expectations align with the person you’re with. Also take time to see if anyone can fulfill them!

Are these expectations realistic or simply childhood dreams you are still carrying with you?

Exercise –- Letting Him Fulfill Your Dreams and Expectations

Become aware off which expectations of yours your partner does meet. Now see if you are willing to be satisfied with that. Can you find a way to feel grateful for what you are receiving? Sometimes just deciding that what your partner offers is good enough, can allow the love to re-ignite once again.

Then, let him know that he’s making you happy. Most people have a deep need to know and to hear that they are meaningful to you.

You Know Your Expectations, Now Re-Choose Your Partner

When these steps are taken, you will not only be more connected, but you will be with your partner because there is no other place you want to be.

The relationship will not be one of convenience, but one of choice.

The actual act of re-choosing our partners, of knowing they are the one’s we want to be with, is the culmination of the reconnecting and romance we’ve found.

Sometimes it is very beautiful to make this process conscious. You can write down and express the ways in which you wish to recommit to your partner, you can write down and express the aspects of them that cause you to feel this way.

By doing this on an on-going basis, we not only keep the love and relationship fresh, but we keep ourselves aware of why we are with the person, what our part is in the relationship, and the joy and romance that is possible for us to have forever, regardless of our initial expectations.

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