single momby Allana Pratt

Dear Lusca-licious, lovely, single mom you,

I hit Burke Williams Monday AM. Tanned naked (undies) in the back yard listening to my neighbors play ELO, Styx, Elton John and sing American Pie.

I was thinking … Independence. In de pen dence.

In the pen … Dance! This life of ours, we are Spirits in a body, ‘penned’ in with illusions of limitations.

We need to remember who we really are! And Dance!

Here was a further insight on Fear that showed up. I even created my monthly Guided Mediation around this for my Women’s Membership Redefining Sexuality.

When we experience fear, we can panic & push which leads to rushed decisions, spinning minds and manipulative energy.

When we experience fear we can hide & avoid, do the ‘surrender’ thing and yet truly stop all flow and not be only detached but totally disconnected from our inner voice … numb, holding our breath.

Or when we experience fear, we can give it a new name:


What if our experience was really energy wanting to flow through us, power wanting to have its way with us, a wave of destiny wanting to occupy our delicious vessel and be birthed as our dreams?

I remember when I gave birth, I was coached to call my birth contractions “surges.”

I remember feeling them, allowing them, being reminded this is how the muscles are elegantly bringing my baby down, mother and baby are one, and he was born in 7 minutes, no drugs, no ripping, while eating an In and Out Burger and fries.

And so as a wave of panic and terror washed over me this past weekend, I decided to work my wand of alchemy and call this experience Intensity.

I embraced it.

I gave it voice.

I literally got my video camera out and started talking.

I journaled freely and let this intensity talk.

I noticed my posture straightened, my chin tipped down, I heard this yummy feminine empowered David Dieda line run through my head, “TAKE ME … if you dare …”

I felt like Neo in the Matrix with Morpheus when they did martial arts… those little fingers… bring it on.

In the pen … DANCE.

Full circle.

When life gets intense, consider it’s your magnificent Passions calling you forth!

Dance sister … you can handle it!

Remember to soften.

Feel the breeze believing in you.

Smile deliciously & know you are treasured.

Deliciously yours, Allana

P.S. Here is feedback from a glorious sister in Korea about my book ‘How To Be And Stay Sexy’- notice how many tools she’s put into action that are transforming her life! Way to go Kelli!

“Before I read Allana’s book I was frustrated by the fact that it was up to me to truly love my body, and I just couldn’t overcome feeling bad more often than good about my figure. I knew that it is a common societal problem for women to only see the negatives of themselves after constantly comparing themselves to the women around them, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing it.

What impressed me about Allana was how she put into words what I’d always admired about women I’d met in my life. She truly believes that every woman should feel like the goddess she is and gave me easy ways to become that goddess positively vibrating with the energy of mother nature herself. With our world full of distractions, it’s easy to read something and procrastinate putting that you’ve learned into practice.

From the first day, I adorned myself as a goddess, I consciously gave love to those areas of my body I hated, to the spots that I ignored or avoided even looking at in a mirror, and I applied lotion every morning thinking about how beautiful I really am.

I feel amazing in my own skin and it has truly affected other areas of my life – my creativity, my friendships, romantic relationships, my work life have all improved tremendously. The small things don’t faze me anymore and I’m free to experience the joy around me … Allana Pratt is one amazing woman, and I can’t wait to take her workshop!”

Allana is amazing. she’s the only single mom, dating, motherhood and love coach we know who actually shares her own life with you and teaches you how to get the life and love you want. The program she created for us – “Single Mom Manifesto” is filled with practical, spiritual, emotional – and did I say practical? ways to date men in the most effective way and to get and keep the lifelong love you want (or even the “for now” love you want). Go here to check out Single Mom Manifesto, watch Allana’s video, and see how she can help you go from the single women “label” to whatever you want in your love life->

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