breakupby Lisa Steadman

Hi there,

In the last few years, I’ve had the honor of working with and talking to hundreds — maybe even thousands — of women who are experiencing their Big Breakup, or one of the little breakups along the way.

Some women heal their hearts quickly, and move on to their blissful new lives with ease, style, and gratitude… (I hope this is you!)

And some women stay stuck for years, hung up on what could have been, how their ex did them wrong, or how the love of their life slipped away, and they’re now doomed to end up alone and miserable…

In talking to and working with these women, it has become abundantly clear to me what keeps a woman stuck in feelings of hopelessness, despair, and sadness following a breakup vs. those who move on with ease and effortlessness.

And I want to share this secret with you now.

The Secret to Getting Over a Breakup:

It comes down to choice.

You heard me – choice!

Staying stuck is a choice.

So is moving on.

It really IS that simple.

Of course, it doesn’t always FEEL that simple. Matter of fact, when you’re in the throes of a bad breakup, the pain doesn’t always FEEL like a choice.

But it is. And here’s what I mean…

When you’re going through a devastating breakup, you have a choice – to let your heartbreak crush you, break your spirit, and muddy your mind, asking the question Why is this happening TO me?…

Or you can summon your inner strength, dig deep, and ask yourself Why this is happening FOR me?

Don’t Get Stuck After a Breakup

Women who heal their hearts and move on effortlessly do so because they CHOOSE to believe their happily ever after future still exists. They choose to learn from their experiences, let go of past disappointments, and step into their hopeful future.

Women who get stuck in a rut, never letting go of their heartbreak do so because they CHOOSE to believe the love of their life is now in the past. They lose sight of their fabulousness, and instead think that they’ve missed out on their chance to get love right.

What would happen if you made a different choice about your breakup?

If you embraced the idea that your ex WAS NOT Mr. Right, and instead, Mr. Right is STILL in your future, waiting for you, working on his issues, doing his very best to get ready for you, wouldn’t you do everything possible to get ready for him?  Wouldn’t you get over your breakup?

From Sarah: Lisa Steadman is all about revolutionizing your idea of you.  She’s got a great way of casting light on the tough times and helping you get through them and come out on the other side more confident and positive than ever.  So, visit her site for lots of free advice to get over your breakup and find a new you!

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