treat yourselfHow do you treat yourself on a daily basis? So many of us live slap-dash lives. We’re so busy, we hardly breathe – much less make time for ourselves. And so we’re always racing from one thing to another or sitting in front of the computer or television trying to forget the stress from the day.

It feels like we’re pasting together our time, rather than living fully in the moment and adding equal parts fun and relaxation to the work and responsibility.

When you see a man across the room, how would you like him to see you? How would you like him to treat you?

How would you like him to think of you?

Seems obvious that we’d like him to find us attractive, to think we’re smart and soulful, and to feel drawn to us.

And yet, do you treat yourself like you’re attractive, smart and soulful, and do you want to be with you?

Take  Moment to Consider How You Treat Yourself

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you really can have what you want in life and in love?

Do you treat yourself as though you’re a valuable, magnetic, fabulous person who deserves respect and kindness, affection and attention, romance and adventure?

Or do you ignore your health, your looks, your dreams?

Do you ignore the red flags your dates throw up and push ahead and involve yourself with Mr. Wrong over and over again?

Or are you so picky and easily bored that no one could ever measure up?

Do you walk around like a billboard saying “I don’t care much about me”?

So if you’re finding yourself repeating the same patterns in dating that still are not working, take a look at who you think you are.

Maybe All You Have to Change Is the Way Your Treat Yourself

If you’re not getting much of what you want, perhaps you don’t believe you deserve much of what you want. Many of us have deep, core beliefs that say we don’t deserve our dreams, but the truth is, we all do.

Just because we don’t believe it doesn’t make it true.

The next time you’re tempted to toss yourself aside for a pretty face or something that looks good but you know is bad for you, or the next time you’re afraid to make a move because you just “know” she won’t be interested, or the next time you hide behind a mask of “cool” when any guy approaches you, think again. Whatever you used to do that didn’t work – do the opposite.


Trust yourself.

Believe you’re the person every man wants.

When you treat yourself like you are, then You Are!

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