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The ‘Devil is in the Details’, so the idiom goes.

There is a power in attending to the tailoring with your wardrobe.

It shows that you care about how you look and that you have a good sense about what makes you look good –  and people will be attracted to you and your business.

Here are a few of my Top Tailoring Tips To Look Good:

  • Narrow the sleeves- very often, the sleeve on a suit jacket is cut generously and can make you look heavy and bulky. Slimming down a sleeve will give you a sleeker silhouette instantly
  • Jacket collar- make sure it lays flat and there is no gap-O-sis where the collar is standing away from your neck, as if you left the hanger inside the jacket
  • Button blouse/jacket- If you can not button, then the garment is not the right size or cut for you. Better to go a size larger and alter to get a better fit
  • Pant length- Women: the back of pant hem should hit about one inch from bottom of heel. Men:the back of your pant hem should be at the top of your shoe heel.
  • Waistbands- should fit comfortably. You should be able to get at least 2 fingers in waistband.The waistband is an easy fix for a good tailor. Fit your largest area first and foremost, then alter the rest of the pant or skirt.
  • Crotch creases- one of my biggest pet peeves is to have fabric bunch up in the crotch area. It looks simply …bad. Not an easy alteration to fix, but it can be done by an experienced tailor. My suggestion… is to try another brand of pants.
  • Sleeve length- don’t think this one will not go unnoticed if your sleeves are too long. Looks unpolished. The wristbone area is a good spot for the ladies while men should make sure at least 1/2″ of shirt cuff shows beneath the jacket sleeve.If there is a lot of detail on the edge of sleeve,it may require the sleeve to be removed and shortened from the shoulder cap. Can be a bit expensive, but worth it to keep the detail intact.
  • Side pockets on pants/skirt- Have them sewn shut if they wing out on the sides. It will make your hips look slimmer.
  • Skirt length- IMO the perfect length is right blow the knee where the leg curves.SEXY SPOT. In the back, the skirt would be right in the knee crook
  • Shoulder fit- the shoulders should be balanced and be straight without pull.The garment is definitely too tight if pulling happens between the shoulders, and you will eventually rip the seams. Better to go up a size and alter waist and sleeve etc. if those areas are too big.


Ask Lori Ann: Help, it’s raining!!

Hi Lori Ann,

I live in Los Angeles and travel a great deal for business, I often find myself in cities with lots of rain. How can I still look put together but stay dry?

Yvonne H.

Hi Yvonne,
Great question. Having a good raincoat is a must for you. You don’t have to have a traditional Burberry if that is not your style. I think two of my favorite coat resources are Loehmans and Burlington Coat Factory. Also the major department stores online are a sure bet.

Look for a coat in a dark neutral hue. Best for not showing wear and dirt. Try to find one with a detachable hood. If you wear hats, then tighten your hairdo to protect your hair

A sturdy collapsible umbrella that is lightweight and will fit in your handbag. Check luggage stores. Always have a plastic bag to put your wet umbrella in, so your handbag contents won’t get soggy.

Rainboots are a must, so you will not ruin your leather shoes. La Canadienne has a terrific selection of boots and if you want weather proof pumps and flats take a look at Galo shoes in New York City. These boots and shoes are chic and don’t look like wellies.

Stick to wearing dark colors on your bottom half. Water mixed with dirt is sooo hard to get out of hems.

Punch up a dark outfit with a colorful scarf to brighten a gloomy day.

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