If you want to be successful meeting handsome single men who are looking for love, romance, relationships, and passion then here are some tips on mistakes to avoid:

1. Being Cynical and Negative

There are certain things you should avoid putting in your profile. For example, “Seems I’m getting a lot of emails from losers and players.” “You guys are all the same.” GirlGetsGreatGuy.com “I’ve not had much luck with online dating sites.” “I can’t find what I’m looking for. This online dating stuff just doesn’t work.” “Just seeing what’s out there.” Instead of writing comments in your profile that could be seen as negative or putting yourself in a bad light, keep your tone upbeat and friendly.

Remember: You’re introducing yourself to someone for the first time. Make a good first impression.

2. Having Baggage That Carries Over To Your Comments

Talking about ex-lovers, old relationships, divorce, etc. Or unlucky in love. Your profile should be a fresh start. So try not to bring your hurt or anger from a previous relationship into your comments. Sure he was a jerk. Or he dumped you for no good reason. It’s time to get over it and move on. Because there’s someone out there who’s right for you.

3. Making Your Online Dating Profile Too Short

Most online dating profiles have a section or sections where you can expand upon your interests, what type of person you’re looking for, and more.

Take the time to complete these sections in some detail not only to catch someone’s attention but also to disqualify those you wouldn’t be interested in.

4. Making Your Profile Comments Too Long

You don’t have to write a book. And guys aren’t looking for your life or dating or relationship history. In fact, revealing everything can be a mistake. Make your comments interesting but leave something out so you have something to talk about and creates curiosity.

5. Not Saying Anything In Your Profile Essay Section

There’s nothing more frustrating than being interested in a profile and finding nothing there. Usually you’ll find something like… “I don’t know what to say. Just ask me.” It’s like pulling teeth. At least give someone something to start with….. What things do you like to do in your spare time? What foods do you like? What music do you like? What movies do you like? What do you like to do for fun?

6. Choosing A Handle That Is Overly Provocative

Choose your “handle” or “nickname” wisely. Otherwise you can attract losers and creeps. Using overtly sexual language might be OK for adult dating sites like Alt.com® or AdultFriendFinder.com® or Passion.com® depending on what your objective is.

But if you’re looking for love, romance, and a committed relationship, stick with something fun, flirty, or interesting.

7. Using Tired Old Clichés

Looking for love in all the wrong places. Must love dogs. Sleepless in… Love to laugh… They sound like good titles for romantic movies but in real life… …they’re tired, they’re old, and they rarely say anything that gets someone interested in you.

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