win back your exIf you want to win back your ex and your ex agrees to even try, there are certain things that you should do to make sure you’ll have a successful relationship the next time around:

1. Take your time

When you’re learning how to get back together, don’t rush right back into the same old routine.

It didn’t work the first time around and it surely won’t work to win back your ex the second time around.

The idea here is to make things better – not repeat the same old mistakes.

2. Your best bet is to talk about everything that happened that led to the break up in the first place – BUT – NOT Right Away!!!

Until you understand each other and how each one thinks, there’ll be no point in trying to get back together because your relationship will only end in disaster again.

AND – the fastest way to get yourselves into a place where you even WANT to understand each other is to have some fun.

To get along, to share moments, to get physically and emotionally intimate – even just touching, holding hands, looking in each others eyes and laughing!

If you start up the process of working to win back your ex, and you do it by “discussing” things – you’re going to lose right away.  You’re going to send things into an analytical place – and right into that pocket where a man totally TUNES OUT!

If you can’t get along and have fun without “discussing” everything – perhaps you aren’t a good match in the first place.

Make it your business to start FRESH – and THEN , when things are going well, to share YOUR side of the equation with apologies, with listening to HIS side of things.

Nearly anything else you do – explaining, trying to reason with him – is going to come across as though you’re making HIM WRONG – and he’ll just walk away from that.  He doesn’t even want to TALK about that!

3. Do not play games or try to trick your ex into coming back to you.

Doing this will only deepen the hurt and distrust.

Be friends before you two jump right back into being in a relationship.

Date, hang out, have some fun, just learn to be together before things get serious again.

Keeping things casual for the first few weeks will give you both time to readjust to the other person and let you ease back into a relationship.

4. Talking is not the only thing to be done in this type of situation, though.

If you want to win back your ex and are serious about it, you both should be willing to put your money where your mouth is and show each other how serious you both are about getting back together.

That could look like:

Ask your former lover if he’d be willing to go see a counselor with you to try to work things out.

5. When to BAIL:

If he says “no” to getting help for working on your relationship, then you know you have your answer and the relationship should be over at this point.

There really is nothing more to talk about. If he’s not willing to work on the problems in your relationship, cut him loose.

6. When to work it out seriously:

If he says “yes” to the counselor then go ahead and make an appointment with someone you both trust.

Agree that you both will be as open and honest about everything as you can. Seeing a counselor should be a healing thing for the two of you and not another source of stress and worry.

The counselor may want to see the two of you together or they may start out seeing each one separately and then bring you both together.

Depends on the depth of the problems you have.

A good counselor can help you work through everything and give you tools and homework to apply to your lives outside of the counselor’s office to continue to become the couple you wanted to be in the first place.

The sooner you can get to the bottom of the problems you had in your first relationship, the better the second relationship will be.

Having someone to love you is the most wonderful thing in the world and you will be thankful that you took the time to learn how to win back your ex.

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