To The Guy That Broke My Heart: Thank You For Reminding Me Of My Worth

This goes to you – the guy that shattered my hopes. The guy that broke my heart into countless pieces.

by Riley Cooper

I’ll be forever grateful to you for giving up on me. Are you wondering why?

Because you gave me the chance to realize what kind of man I deserve to be with.

You gave me the chance to learn what I really need in life to be happy. You reminded me of my worth.

My darling, I am immensely grateful to you for so many things:

Thank you for playing with my heart. You showed me the difficult and painful side of love. You made me doubt your feelings for me. You made me question where our relationship was headed.

With your charm and sweet words, you made me believe that you were ‘The One.’ I thought you were my forever person. My soulmate. My everything. I naively believed that you loved me the way I loved you.

Thank you for lying to me. Thank you for all your empty promises, grandiose stories, and downright lies. You taught me that regardless of how honest and kind-hearted one can be, people could still lie to their face without remorse.

You taught me that some individuals can pretend that they’re the most genuine and trustworthy people in the entire world only to keep their partner around. To make sure the person that showers them with attention and affection never leaves them.

Thank You For Giving Up On Me

Thank you for prioritizing your needs and desires over my own. I was your second choice. I was always your option and never your priority. I never felt like I was good enough, smart enough, and pretty enough for you. I felt like I was in some kind of competition – a competition in which I had to constantly compare myself with other women.

You were so committed to me at the beginning of our relationship that I thought you truly loved and cared about me. But, I was wrong.

The only thing you liked about me was the way I made you feel. You felt loved and important every time you were around me.

And the only person you cared about was yourself. Yes, yourself! My problems and my pains meant nothing to you. My feelings, my needs, and my desires were irrelevant to you.

Thank you for teaching me that the only person I can completely rely on is myself. You were never there when I needed you most.

When we started dating you promised that we’d seek comfort in each other, but that never happened. The only person I could rely on for support and help was myself.

Thank you for showing me how little I mattered to you. You never fought for me the way I fought for you. You were never invested in the relationship the way I was. You didn’t bother to keep me around. You were never afraid of losing me.

And that’s exactly what happened. You lost me. You lost me forever.

Because you gave up on me. Yes, you gave up on me so easily. You took everything from me and destroyed everything I believed in. You spat on my love and nonchalantly broke my heart. And for that – THANK YOU!

I know it sounds unexpected and strange, but I’m truly grateful to you for giving up on me. Because if you hadn’t given up on me, you wouldn’t have made room for someone better to enter my life. You wouldn’t have taught me the importance of self-care and self-acceptance. I would’ve never realized my worth.

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