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Hey, Christian here.

Does it ever seem impossible for you to re-inspire your man’s passion and devotion again after a difficult period in your relationship?

If you’re like some of the women I’ve helped and you don’t exactly know how to quickly “reconnect” and inspire the man you’re with, then it’s almost as though the harder you try at making your relationship work, the more your guy seems to tune out, act lazy, and stop listening.

The worst of this is made clear when your man stops initiating affection, physical contact and sex altogether. This is when you know there’s trouble.

If you’ve ever been in a place like this where you feel like you’ve tried everything to get your relationship back on track- but your man doesn’t seem to help or care… I want you to know that there is a way to quickly get your relationship back on track.

There’s a way to have your man excited to spend time alone with you, excited to take you out and experience the world with you, and excited just to touch you and be next to you.

And there’s also a way to get out of the common “trap” too many great women fall into: The TRAP of being the “Do It All Yourself” Woman. This is when you do everything for yourself AND for the man in your life, and you get little or no help and almost nothing back in return.

It’s you who works hard and earns a living. It’s you who does all the chores. It’s you who makes the plans, organizes your lives and everything in it, and even tries to hold your relationship together without his help. And for all that, he just seems to keep growing more and more DISTANT and uninvolved.

Stop this now.

After being the “Do It All Yourself” Woman, it’s only natural to feel exhausted, drained, frustrated and unhappy with your man and your relationship.

Being in this place, and allowing yourself to get there in the first place, makes taking on this role in your relationship a TRAP. It’s time to stop this pattern for your own good. And it’s time to start experiencing what it’s like to have a real man in your life who’s committed, engaged, and does his part and more to make sure you’re both creating an incredible life together.

Is It Time to Get Off the Roller-Coaster, and Get Things Back on Track for Yourself and Your Relationship?

If the answer for you is “Yes, it’s time”, then your first step isn’t trying more of the same. Your first step is to STOP doing the things that are accidentally pushing your man further away and possibly making him feel like LEAVING since things seem too difficult to ever work again.

How do you know if you’ve been doing any of these things that are sure to push your man away?

Start by simply asking yourself if you’ve been doing any of the following to try to “fix” things in your relationship or marriage:

-Talking only about PROBLEMS or TASKS, instead of really connecting on a genuine level

-Constantly judging, criticizing or accusing your man about what is wrong or lacking in the relationship, and never finding ways for you to both support and praise each other

-Venting your problems with friends, family or even another man in order to feel validated and many times getting the WRONG advice

Have you done any of these things? If so, then most likely you’ve realized that instead of getting more affectionate, he may be withdrawing even FURTHER and losing interest in staying in the relationship. Don’t let this happen to you.

-Identify any and all destructive patterns in your relationship, and stop them dead on the spot

-Stop being the “Do It All Yourself” woman in your relationship, and learn to sit back and have your guy start thinking about and caring for you and your relationship on his own

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  1. Bukiwe on March 8, 2012 at 3:51 am

    What to do when your man doesn’t call you and when you call him he is excited,what does that mean?

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