online datingOnline Dating can be about MORE than just finding your Mr. Right. It can be the therapeutic tool you need to get out of your old habits and patterns with men that haven’t been working for you.

It can be a new chance to experiment with different ways you can look, different ways you can talk, learn how to relax and speak what’s on your mind – ways to conquer fear and intimacy issues, and also practice compassion and curiosity instead of judgment and bad feelings (and there are plenty of opportunities for that when you’re dealing with so many men you’ve never met before).

The most powerful help you can have for online dating is help with photos and your profile.

Tips for Your Online Dating Profile:

1. Photos are simple. You have to get good ones. They have to be both glamourous, beautiful, and still –  natural looking. No man wants to see you looking like a plastic doll.

And yet, all men want to see warmth, a smile, and skin.

2. A profile is less straightforward – and is the second thing a man looks at.  (Just like you – the photo comes first.  If you don’t like the way a man looks from his photos, chances are you won’t even BOTHER to read his profile – well, the same for him.)

Here Are Some Of The Mistakes You May Be Making On Your Online Dating Profile:

1. Selling Yourself

Think about the kind of man you don’t like:

a. One who brags about himself and tries to sell himself to you, or

b. A man who thinks little of himself by his lack of self-confidence

And the same is true for YOU.

So – how do you show self-confidence without doing a “sales job”?

It’s easy: instead of TELLING about yourself – you SHARE about yourself.

What’s the difference? you might ask.

But think of it – when you act like a “reporter” about yourself – handing out facts and what your friends think of you, etc….it can’t HELP but sound like a sales letter, or an application for a job.

So, what you want to do is to share your EXPERIENCE of being YOU – so that he can get a feel for who you are.


Instead of: “I go to the gym 3 times a week and workout, and run every other day….” try:

“It feels so comfortable now in the gym, working my muscles and moving and feeling the sense of community there, and I love to run and feel the changes in the weather every week – it just feels so good to move my body…”

If this sounds a bit “poetic” for an online dating profile – then you’ve got it right!

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