sexual satisfactionby Alex Allman

If he’s not in the mood as often as you are, then you already know that it’s not just a matter of not getting sexual satisfaction

It can be emotionally painful too.  It can make you feel less desirable.  It can make you feel frustrated that you’ve committed to a man who seems less interested in sex than, well, every other man you meet all day long…

And the longer you’ve been together (and the older you – and he – gets), the more often this can become a challenge.

The reality is, different people have different levels of libido, and the chances of you and your man having an exact match in appetite is unlikely.

But if he’s just never in the mood or you feel like the attraction is just dying out, then here are some..

Quick Powerful Tips That Will Help You Get Sexual Satisfaction

1) Go On A Criticism Diet

This is just stupid-powerful, and you just won’t understand how powerful until you try it and realize how critical you’ve probably become.

Couples have a way of making each other “wrong” much more than friends would ever do.

He’s got a bunch of little habits that are just plain annoying… And forget that he’s sweet, that he’d take a bullet for you, that he’s a great father, or that he’s funny, smart, wonderful, or any other things you love about him… because when he does THAT THING that ANNOYS you, it’s just so darn ANNOYING!

It’s easy to take all the good stuff for granted and just constantly nag each other about those little things. And when sexual satisfaction is low – it’s easy to find little things to be annoyed at.

So here’s the drill:  Stop sweating the petty stuff.

Go on a no-criticism diet for 30 days.

Wanna really be a powerful, fearless, goddess woman?

TELL HIM that you’re going on a no-criticism diet so that he can hold you accountable.  Make a fun penalty (maybe a spanking… if you like that sort of thing) if he catches you messing up.  Challenge him to go on the diet with you.

I know it sounds like this will never work… but a man’s libido is DIRECTLY attached to his ears when it comes to criticism, and you will not believe how horny it makes us when we feel like you are not constantly telling us that we’re not good enough in tiny little ways.

2)  Let Him Be Your Hero

Okay, so this turns out to be EXACTLY THE SAME as #1 above… just from the positive side.

Our penis and our sense of being masculine are connected.

When you LET a man fill up the masculine space in a relationship (and note the capital letters in the word “let”), it will give his erection for you a lot more power, and you a lot more sexual satisfaction.

Let him open the mayo jar for you.  Smile and appreciate it if he opens the door for you.   Loop his arm around you and snuggle into his protective presence when you are walking together…

Let him be a man and you’ll get more man-behavior from him in the bedroom.

3)  Day Time Play… And Coffee

The sad fact is that stress is a sex-drive killer, and so is mental exhaustion.  And since most of us get busy at the end of the day… heck, sometimes we’re just too tired.

And that is a shame because of all the things we prioritize during the day, making love deserves a much better spot than, “last thing before falling to sleep”.

What usually happens after a long day of work, dealing with the logistics of life, finishing dinner (and the dishes), is that we’re just too tired to get it on.

FACT: In large studies it turns out that people who drink coffee have, on average, more sex.

Is that because caffeine is an aphrodisiac?

Well… maybe… but the much more likely conclusion is that SOME of the people who drink coffee, drink it after dinner.  They have more sex because they’re AWAKE.

But here’s another factor, especially if your man is older than 30…

As men age, their testosterone levels slowly drop off.  You probably already knew that.  But what you might not know is that it drops off during the course of the day too.

In other words… he’s much more likely in the mood after breakfast than after dinner.

Prioritize accordingly.

4) Be Sexy For Him…

This is the advice I usually have to give the men.

After the first few times they have sex with a woman they figure, “well, I got that seduction stuff out of the way.”

After that they think that when they’re in the mood they only have to say, “hey, I’m kind of horny, you wanna do it?”

Taking your partner for granted like that is death.  Slowly sex becomes a routine… and then it becomes a chore.

>From the woman’s side it’s not that different. After a while you stop doing your hair and putting on that good-smelling stuff that we love… you stop flirting with us and laughing at our jokes… you stop wearing that sexy underwear and you stop preserving the mystery of your seduction…

In other words, you start taking him for granted.

Sexual Satisfaction Depends On Sexual Polarity

A healthy libido requires what David Deida termed, “sexual polarity.”  You need to be feminine so that he can be masculine.  He needs to be masculine so that you can be feminine.

Otherwise you just end up very neutral friends without any sexual spark.

Paying attention to this stuff and keeping up your feminine and romantic spirit with your man is WORK.  And so it’s easy to get into the trap of just doing it less and less… without realizing the price you are paying.

But when you do the work, you reap the rewards.

Of course, he’s got to do his side of the work too.

And if you want him to do that, remember that criticizing him for NOT doing it is not going to work!

These tips are really pretty simple.  But I promise you, if you were thinking of trying something like “watching porn together,” or getting a boob job…

I promise you, these little tips will be much easier and will WORK much better.

For Passion,

Alex Revolutionary Sex: For Her

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