by Lori Ann Robinson

Are you attending any holiday parties this season?

If so, then be sure you don’t over-dress or under-dress for your parties. For instance, if you have a major sparkly item-skirt, blouse, or pants, then keep the rest of your “sparklies” to a minimum-maybe just a touch with your jewelry or shoes. Under-dressing is a fashion crime too :(

If you are invited to, a black-tie event or a cocktail party, then you want to wear the sparkle and shine. This is your opportunity to show your sense of class and style and break out of the jeans, or black suit and conservative pumps. If you are going to your party directly from work here are some tricks-CHANGE YOUR DAY PURSE FOR AN EVENING CLUTCH, add some upscale jewelry, switch out your shoe to a higher heel, perhaps black tights, change out your blouse for something in satin or a beaded shell, ditch the jacket for a shawl or dressy coat-think shine or velvet.

Showing skin? Pick your strength and go with it. That means one element-cleavage OR legs OR bare back. This way you have maximum impact.

Skip any holiday specific clothes especially those sweaters. Nothing will date us faster than an Xmas sweaters with pom-poms!

Nothing to wear? Oh my. Expect last minute invites so you must have a “go-to” outfit ready. If you’re stuck, go with basic black and enhance with jewelry and that evening clutch.

This is a terrible time of year to shop for holiday parties in a panic, and desperation will have a negative impact on your choices. Think about the future, and arrange a shopping excursion with me after the holidays so you have fun, classic, and Wow Factor items in your closet. And, as if that weren’t enough, there will be some honest-to-goodness rock your world sales.

But, it’s not a sale if it’s the wrong style, color, or design for you. That’s why you have me…your consultant for your image!

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