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From Sarah: Okay, this guy has a shameless sales page (and I’m going to recommend that you go to it anyway- just follow this link->), with an interesting video – and I didn’t want to publish his stuff at first, and then I noticed people all over the place sending me to him and the “Magic of Making Up.” I downloaded his book for myself – and I like it. It’s rough. It’s by a man. It’s easy to get – and yet it tells the truth.

He says a lot of what Rori Raye and Christian Carter say – but he does it in a very different way. And I thought his small articles (and you can’t get them anywhere unless you become an affiliate like we are here) were extremely helpful. The link to get to his page is at the bottom, and I suggest you go and read it (can’t believe I’m saying this) – it’s got a lot of helpful Free information on it. Here’s the article, and I’ll be publishing a lot of them:

Do you want to get ex boyfriend back? Are you reeling from his desire to call the relationship quits? Do you have an empty place in your heart and in your life where he used to be? Here are some tips and techniques to get ex boyfriend back.

First of all, whatever you do, don t chase him. This means lay off the texts, the phone calls, and the stalking. Don t just show up where he happens to be.

This is stalking behavior – and it will just turn him off. He s got to want to come back to you, not the other way around. That s the only way to get ex boyfriend back.

Instead of pursuing him, start to work on you. In order to get ex boyfriend back, you need to start by working to become a more positive person.

AFter a breakup, you probably have so many negative emotions right now – including loss and hurt. You need to purge these feelings (not on HIM) – and get back on a positive note.

One way to do this is to write a long letter to your boyfriend talking about all of the good times you had, all of the hurts you experienced, and all of the things you wished you had told him. Once you have poured your heart out on paper, burn the letter. That s right!

Whatever you do, DON T SEND THE LETTER. Instead, light a match and watch the flame consume the paper. This will give you some closure to that portion of the relationship.

After you have burned the letter, eliminate all negativity from your life. Don t let your girlfriends talk badly about your ex. – This is REALLY important.

And, to the biggest extent possible, be positive about your whole life.

When you do think about the relationship, remember what made it strong. Think about the good times you had.

If you do occasionally talk to your ex, bring up the positive experiences and avoid fighting about the issues that ended it. If you want to get ex boyfriend back, you have to remind him what was good about the relationship.

To this end, focus your energy working on your strengths. For instance, if your boyfriend always praised you on being a good cook, take a gourmet cooking class. Get even better at the things you are good at.

But don t neglect your weaknesses either. If your ex complained about how you were a slob, start picking things around the house. Make an effort to become a better person if you want to get an ex- boyfriend back – and this isn’t for HIM – it’s so YOU can feel better, stronger, be more confident about the things you may have once been insecure about, and be more ATTRACTIVE to ANY man.

Finally, you should be available to him and others. If someone asks you out on a date, accept it. You don t have to be head over heals in love with a guy to go out to dinner with him.

As your ex sees you as a desirable catch, he s going to want to get back into your life. By focusing on the positive and working on your strengths and weaknesses, you are sure to get ex boyfriend back.

I know it seems completely the reverse of what you want to do, here – which is likely to chase him down – but following this procedure is the ONLY way to get him back.

Good luck!

TW Jackson (Travis) go here to read his page and watch the video – very straightforward and simple->


  1. How to get Romance Back on February 27, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Sometimes breakup with a boyfriend or with a girlfriend can be really a downer, it does not need to mean that the relationship is over. Even if the breakup should suddenly leave you feeling confusion and loneliness, you may still feel really eager to heal the heartache and jump right back in to that relationship with your ex.

  2. ou sooners fan87 on March 11, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    i had recently broken up by my ex boyfriend kyle for 4 years. i had asked him if he will ever talk to me again. i dont think he will. but it was my Fault actions that i was calling too much my mistakes but his mistake was that he wanted to be single again and telling break up. i dont want break up. but i will counitue not call or text or send myspace im. i hope he knows in his heart that i still love him and i really would like have second chance and start all over again. i miss the fact that i used hangout and go places with him and his kisses he used gave me. but i hope he knows how he feels and what was wrong he did to me and hope that he will be begging me back on his knees again. if you agreed with me i dont know the answer right now whether hes feeling.

    help me give me a few tips how i can get him back and he back with me .
    if you had any question email me

  3. Editor on March 12, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    Dear ou sooners fan87, so sorry to hear the pain you’re in. I hope this article was helpful for you – you may want to check out the Christian Carter and Rori Raye articles here, too (they’re in the Have The Relationship & Marriage You Want category) – they say very much what to do what you’re doing – to stop calling him and stop chasing him – and to especially get out there and date so you can give him some space and at the same time meet another man who can truly appreciate you. Good luck, Sarah

  4. Vinita on April 14, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    I had a boyfriend for 4.5 yrs.we were very much in love.but there were many arguments and fights after 3.5 yrs.he got frustrated with me and broke up with me.i begged him to be with me..tried to explain him..but he was stubborn to breakup with me..but now i came to know that he likes another i have avoided calling,messaging and meeting him now..its just been a week.i dont kow whether he’ll come back to me or not…but i want him back and love me again..pls give me some tips and tricks to do that..
    my email..
    im waiting for ur reply soon…
    pls help me…

  5. Editor on April 20, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    Dear Vinita, Thank you so much for your comment and question, and I’m so sorry you have to be in this painful situation. I know all the experts say that the best way to get your man back is to step AWAY from him and date other men – and it’s so great that you’re not calling him. I know from experience that the first week of a breakup is really hard. Rori Raye and Christian Carter both talk about how if you can get really HAPPY without this man – if you can have FUN with other men and going places and doing things – and pretty much FORGET all about this guy (I know it’s hard) – that’s when he’ll become interested in you again. The trick is to CONTINUE not focusing on him so much. Also, while you’re dating all these men, you can practice how to communicate in a relationship without fighting. Fighting is really hard on men – they don’t like it, but for us, sometimes it’s the only way we can get our feeings out. I think you’ll like the way Rori Raye helps with this. Sincerely, Sarah

  6. janice on August 29, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    my ex boyfriend was once my closest friend and he was courting me for like 2months.after that,i fall for him and we became official on may 9,2011. we see each other everyday and i stay at his place every weekend. he has introduced me to his family and friends and i have brought him to our place. we were very closed and in love, when suddenly, i started to get jealous and nagged at him. we are supposed to celebrate our 2nd monthsary but he suddenly asked for a space. i panicked and i became mad at him. we still get to see each other and we still made love but while we went out, i saw him took his cellphone and i saw him staring at the picture of a new girl,where it used to be me there.i cried at the washroom but even after that, i went out with him and we checked in at the nearest motel. after making love, i confronted him and he tried to denied that he is with someone else already. i calmly talked to him and told him how i regret falling for him and giving up my virginity to him. i rode the taxi alone and he texted sorry to him.i told him that i will never beg to him again. please help, i love him so much and i want to spend my life with him. what will i do?

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