It’s that time of year – time for getting the dust bunnies out of the corners, taking the blinds outside for a good dousing with the hose.

And while you’re cleaning out the literal dust, you might consider sweeping the mental dust away as well.

Maybe in your cleaning spree, you’ve come across those little reminders of past relationships or lost chances – a remaining toothbrush, a ticket to that show you went to together, a gift that he or she gave you?

Maybe without finding the physical reminders, there’s just that dust of memory hanging around the corners of your mind. Maybe it’s one relationship in particular, maybe it’s the accumulation, and the worry that the next one won’t come or will never be as good as what is lost.

A Cleaning Out

It’s time to cleanse your mind, your body, and your home of this memory dust.

When it comes to physical objects, this can be straightforward (even if it isn’t easy). You either need to get rid of the object or find a way of re-associating it.

A necklace, a tie – these things can be worth a lot. But you need to look at them anew if you’re going to keep them. Don’t treat them with the preciousness of a relic. Own them. They are yours to carry on in your life. And they should make you happy.

If they only make you sad, it is seriously time to consider re-gifting them on to friends or family, or donating them to Goodwill.

When it comes to something like a ticket from a show, a pair of forgotten underwear, a toothbrush, or little mementos (if you’re the sort of person who saves these), these are much better to throw away or donate.

Really, truly: you can do it! And I swear you won’t be remembering them in ten years and wishing you had them.

What About Locations?

Sometimes, I’ve found relationships and exes establish themselves in certain locations – the place of a first kiss or a memorable outing (good or bad).

I have found it very helpful and healthy to “reclaim” these places for myself, especially if they were places I frequented before the relationship.

Go back with a friend or friends for moral support. They can know what you’re doing or not – whatever makes you more comfortable. And start making new memories in these loaded locations.

Think of the act as breathing new life into something that can no longer be associated with something dead.

For something new to enter and blossom within your life, the soil must be turned over for planting. Now’s the time.

If you feel you need more personal guidance through your spring cleaning of memory dust, I highly recommend you look into Siren School. It offers experiences with a variety of coaches, so you can really find someone who connects best with you. Find out more HERE.

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