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In astrology, everyone thinks what matters is what sign you are.

Amazingly, studies show that 100% of people know what sign of the zodiac they were born under. (Pretty amazing if you consider that most of those same people can’t tell you their blood type… Heck, I don’t even know my blood type.)

While the signs of the zodiac are important, there’s something far more important that you’ve likely never even heard of. This OTHER thing is written about far more in the classic writings of Vedic astrology than the signs, and is considered at the very heart of your chart.

Yep, I’m talking about “yogas.”

(The word “yoga” means “that which joins.”)

Yogas are the combinations that the planets, houses, and signs form in your chart.

And there are a bunch of them.

And many of them supersede the signs…

That’s right, if you’re born under a sign known for being social, like Gemini or Leo, but you have shy, introverted yogas, you’ll be more introverted than social.  If you have workaholic yogas, but aren’t born into a workaholic sign like Capricorn or Virgo – then you’ll be a workaholic anyway.  So the yogas in your chart describe your core personality more than what sign you are.

It’s for this reason that many people won’t ever believe in astrology.

They don’t know about this “yogas” business, and they’ll have heard something about what their sign is “supposed” to be like – but it won’t fit them because of their yogas.

So, instead of realizing there’s this whole other, deeper astrological thing going on, they’ll dismiss astrology outright.

Some yogas only relate to timing, and their effects only show at certain periods in your life… while others indicate your character, talents and tendencies throughout your life. Many yogas are complicated, involving several factors at once. But many are quite simple, and revealing.

Below I’m going to walk you through some of the easiest yet most profound kinds of yogas.

They’re called, “Sankhya” yogas, and you can quickly diagnose these in your own chart or the charts of the people in your life.

“Sankhya” means number, and these yogas are called that because they’re determined by counting the number of signs your planets fall into.

Amazingly, this has an impact on all of your thoughts and actions throughout your life. I’ve looked at these yogas for all of my clients for over a decade, and again and again these simple techniques work.

The chart includes all the five major planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, as well as the Sun and Moon.


The Number Yogas of Vedic Astrology Explained

I’ve never seen this… which is a good thing because this combination makes a person extremely self-absorbed and selfish… let’s skip it as I don’t think anyone born in the last hundred years or so can have this yoga…


This combination makes a person very fickle and changeable. They’re greatly affected by their environment, and “blow with the wind.”
They often hide their real thoughts and feelings.
There’s a tendency to be dissatisfied with life, unless they cultivate a more spiritual point of view.

This combination makes a person attached to their way of seeing things, and likely to fight for their position. Debating, arguing, or stubbornness attached to strong ideals is common.
More head-centered than heart-centered, they get far in life with their mental gifts but can have a harder time knowing how they feel or being sensitive to the feelings of others. They have to watch being too critical or opinionated.
This can cause them to be easily dissatisfied as life often won’t match their picture of how things “should be.”

This is one of the better yogas – this makes for a hard working, consistent provider.
I’ve never seen this in the chart of someone who wasn’t doing very well financially. This is a very practical, stabilizing influence.
These people are slow to make changes, but always bettering themselves and their situation and helping others to do so as well. This is a good combination for causing a person to have realistic expectations which can be met, leading to their happiness.

The number five is controversial in many esoteric systems. It reflects duality – good and evil. So there are good qualities noted with this combo and not so good. If the rest of the chart indicates insecurity or poor character – this will lean them more so in that direction.
If the rest of the chart indicates confidence and good character – this will enhance that.
These are always talkative, hard workers who are enthusiastic, clever, and very much in the world. Of all the number yogas, this one is noted for causing a person to be highly sexed and sometimes cruel…

This makes a person a lover of mankind, concerned for the welfare of others and generous to all. There’s a tendency to make decisions from the heart as well as the head, and to be changeable. The character is usually high. This is a happy combination that causes a person to be full of feeling and enthusiasm, especially if they feel they’re making a significant contribution in the lives of others and living a life of purpose and meaning.

These are the most versatile, multi-talented, and skillful people around. They’re especially noted for skill in music – at the very least they have a strong love of music. They’re able to be alone more than others, allowing them the time to pursue their goals and develop themselves, though they’re commonly quite popular. They’re able to focus on their tasks fully. Of all the “number” yogas, this one has the most potential for success.

Maintaining Perspective in Astrology

Now remember, this is just one of many yogas in a chart, and just one piece of a big puzzle that makes up a human being. But I do find them to give insights that can be so helpful.

For example, if all of your planets fall into three signs, find an outlet for your love of debate. Get involved in politics or causes you believe in. But be careful of being too argumentative with others in your daily life (especially MALE others…)

If all of your planets fall into six signs, make sure you really know a guy before getting involved. Your natural optimism and tendency to “follow your feelings” matched with the nature to want to help others may cause you to pick men who need too much support – but you won’t notice until you’re too involved to get out.

If you’re in love with a guy who has all of his planets in five signs, watch out for lots of drama. When it’s good it will be very good but when it’s bad BE CAREFUL.

You get the idea…

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If you’re wondering if yogas are how I can see the “five astrological archetypes of single women” – they are…

No kidding, there are some yogas that cause you to be shy and introverted – and make you have little interaction with men.

There are others that make you just work, work, work and make no time for love.

Then there are those that make you too sensitive for this world, and take dating and mating all too hard…

And they can be seen with a glance!

So often I find that, if you have some of these yogas, you’ll also have SHAME.

The people in your life have told you for years NOT TO BE who you are!

And that’s like telling a zebra not to have a long neck… or stripes.

In other words, you can’t wish these traits away. But you can work with them. And awareness is the first step.

In my experience, women are so comforted to know the truth of who they are – and that it’s not all their fault, and that they can take empowering, personalized action to make the best of things.

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