woman-turned-away-in-bedby Kate Dixon

Today we’ll discuss a common mistake women make in sexless relationships and why you should do whatever you can to avoid making it yourself.

This mistake is coming to the assumption that the sexless state of your marriage or relationship is the result of your man having an affair with another woman.

Why is this a mistake?

Let me start by saying that if this thought has crossed your mind, I understand you completely. If he’s not having sex with you, he must be getting it someplace else, right?

First, the basic assumption that if he’s having an affair, he may not wish to have sex with you is wrong.

Often, men who have affairs actually exhibit a higher sex drive with their partners. So this is not a sign by itself.

Second, affairs are not the common cause for sexless relationships, and it’s wrong to try to place the blame on some unknown woman who you dread may have taken your place.

This is basically a continuation of the mistake called: Playing the Blame Game..

Only now, instead of placing the blame strictly on your man, you’re trying to place it one some unknown woman who may not even exist.

I put it to you that following this trail of thought will not lead you to finding a solution to your sexless marriage.

The reason is that you are again trying to find the cause for your sexless relationship or marriage at the wrong place.

You’re trying to find an outside cause while the real cause is the nature of your relationship with your partner, and the issues you are facing within it.

By looking in the wrong place, you will never come to terms with why your relationship went sour, and how you can make it sweet again. The cause of your troubles lie between the 2 of you, not some mystery woman.

The second reason why assuming your man has an affair will not lead to any solution to your sexless relationship is that in order to rebuild intimacy and closeness, there has to be trust between the 2 of you. If you keep suspecting him, how are you ever going to come closer together?

You have to let go of your suspicions and trust your man. After all, he’s still with you, isn’t he? That means that he wants to make things work. You have to be trusting in order for this to happen.

It’s likely that your man isn’t having an affair, and even if he is, the affair is the result of the same relationship issues that turned your relationship into a sexless one.

You have to let go of this suspicion. If you feel that you can’t let go; if you feel that you must know for sure, I recommend you get this guide which will help you discover the truth: Expose a Cheater

If you can dismiss the thought that your partner is having an affair without using Expose a Cheater, all the better. But if you can’t come to trust your partner, you should consider it.

I would rather that you simply erase the possibility of him having an affair out of your mind so you can really start the process of healing your relationship and getting the sex back into it.

Remember that your man chooses to be with you every day. He wants things to workout between you. Trust him and you will find a way to getting him sexually interested again.

That’s it for now. Expect lesson #5 in your inbox in a few days.

Until then, I am here for you,

Kate Dixon

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