thin downby Andrea Albright

Thin down your thighs using these 3 simple moves:

Why these 3 moves exactly?

Let’s start here…

I always hated my thighs. My thighs used to be one of my biggest body frustrations. I looked at the “model thin” legs that you see everywhere on magazines and runways, and I couldn’t help but judge my own.

After years of posing in photographs with my hips turned just the right way to make my thighs look “thin”…

And even going as far as to use photoshop to “thin down” in photos… My thighs and I have a long and painful past filled with a lot of judgment, insecurity, embarrassment, shame, and hiding. But that’s only half the story. Today it’s completely different.

Today, my relationship with my thighs has been healed, and my thoughts and actions toward them have been transformed. I started appreciating my beautiful, strong legs for what they were – beautiful, strong legs!

I started to learn about exercise, fitness, and the best method for eliminating thigh fat. Turns out, the most effective way to burn fat is to have fast, short bursts of movement that target in on the inner/outer, front, and back thighs from different angles.

When combined in a series of different moves that target in all of these muscles, you tone up, and your thighs thin down. It’s amazing how it works.

This combo is one of my favorites, and I can always feel and see the results…

3 Moves to Thin Down Those Thighs

1. Step-Ups

2. Standing Lunges

3. “Curtsies” (Side Reverse Lunges)

–> Do 6 Reps of each exercise, alternating legs.

–> Do this sequence 1-3x per week.

–> Add a set of hand weights when it starts to become easy and once you’ve built up your core and leg strength.

Keep challenging yourself to grow! This simple sequence will focus in on those fat deposits between your thighs, and in combination with the AmazingBodyNow healthy lifestyle program, you will start to tone your thighs all over.

They’ll get smaller and tighter as the muscles get healthier and more toned.

You’ll love the way your thighs look in your jeans (especially with knee-high boots).

The Thin Down and Toning of Your Thighs Is Easier With The *Magic* Sauce

You feel great not just because you’re fitting into your skinniest jeans (although that is great)…

But you’re also discovering the strength and stability in your AMAZING thighs.

You’re building a healthy, positive relationship with this part of your body that has maybe been abusive and destructive in the past…

And you’re DISCOVERING the BRILLIANT design of your miraculous body and how your body works.

This fascination and discovery feels like love and acceptance to your body, mind, and heart center.

This healing acceptance is really the *magic* sauce to any workout or exercise sequence. And if you don’t have this loving perspective, then you’re just wasting your time.

No exercise sequence alone is ever going to get you what you need. …

When you add in the sprinkle of your higher Self and spirit… then exercise time becomes a loving, healing, and devotional time for your body, heart, and mind.

And you can probably see that’s not the worse thing to have when you’re working to thin down your thighs.

ACTION STEP: Be Sure To Try this Thin Down sequence out over these next few days while it’s fresh in your memory.

When you have this sequenced MEMORIZED, you can just “dial this up” when you’re thinking of a fast, effective, and FUN workout to do anytime, anywhere.

Here’s to loving your thighs, creating a peaceful mind, and fully embracing radiant HEALTH. You deserve it.

Your Friend, Love and Light,


From Sarah:  Andrea’s powerful and yet easy-to-follow steps for losing weight and getting your body healthy.  Let her positive attitude get you there.  If you want to find out more of her advice, visit her site and thin down.

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