The Way To Win His Heart

If you’ve ever felt afraid of losing a man’s love – or even changed yourself in order to “earn” or keep his love – you may be chasing love or seeking security outside of yourself.

by Helena Hart

Deep down you may be thinking, “If I can win (or keep) this man’s love, I’ll finally feel lovable and secure, and everything in my life will be complete.”

When you put the key to your happiness or sense of security in someone else’s hands – if they don’t do what you want, you can take that to mean that you’re not worthwhile or lovable!

If you don’t learn to get that love and security from inside yourself first, it will keep you chasing love on the outside that you think is going to heal you – but it never does.

The truth is, falling in love with yourself first is the only way to actually believe that someone else will really love you – and therefore the only way to TRULY feel secure in a relationship.

If you don’t fall in love with yourself first, when someone tells you they love you, you won’t believe them anyway!

In order to stop chasing love and security outside of yourself, you first need to realize that those things don’t come from somewhere “out there” – they come from INSIDE yourself first – and then you’ll naturally attract a man who makes you feel loved and secure.

Before I figured that out, I had men who wanted to love me but I never felt completely secure – it was never “enough.” It never did what I thought it was going to do – there was always something “off” because I was feeling off inside myself!

To discover this love and security inside yourself, you first need to decide that YOU are worthy of your own time and energy. You’re worthy of becoming curious about who you are, caring about your own desires, and becoming engaged in your own life.

Then you need to decide that you’re worth including in a loving relationship – instead of constantly trying to do what you think is going to appeal to someone else.

Once you learn to get that love and security from INSIDE yourself first, you’ll start attracting men who want to love you and make you feel secure – just because you’re YOU!

If you’re constantly feeling afraid that you’re going to lose a man’s love – or that you won’t ever get his love in the first place – this only decreases your feelings of security and self-worth.

When you start eroding away your self-esteem this way, it will cost you more than love – it will cost you in ALL areas in your life.

The more you’re willing to honor yourself and be proud of who you are, the more REAL love you can receive and the more you can believe it.

Next time you to start to feel insecure about anything in your life, here are a couple Peace Of Mind Mantras from The Feminine Art Of Attraction Program that you can say to yourself:

♥ Everything is working out perfectly.

♥ Things are unfolding exactly the way they’re supposed to.

♥ This is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

♥ I’m getting stronger and healthier every day.

♥ These are the right people, this is the right time, and I’m in the right place to attract everything I desire.

♥ My needs will always be met, now and forever.

Let me know how these work for you!

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