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It seemed like such a good idea at the time. $35 membership fee and places like Sam s Club, BJ s and Costco offer you a great discount on a wealth of bulk products. Heck, just a few times shopping at one of these stores and you ve already recouped your fee. It s a deal, right?

Well, it is and it isn t. There are some other troublesome factors that come into play when we re buying a 52-pack of anything. One drawback is the tendency to overspend. We re so excited we found a good deal; we might as well snag 10!

The other curse of warehouse club shopping is the large containers that many of the food products are packaged in. We ve already learned there is a tendency to overeat when eating from larger containers, so while you may be saving money, you re making up for it in pounds.

Excess also breeds waste. A certain food burnout occurs. According to a study by Brian Wansink:

“For the first week, people ate these stockpiled foods at almost twice the normal rate. But by the end of the first week, they had started to burn out and were no longer eating them as frequently. After that period, the food was either gone, they were tired of it, or they threw it out because it was stale.” (Mindless Eating)

Wansink also mentions that people often feel compelled to finish it up when it comes to overstocked food, fearing it will go to waste. This leads to not only gaining weight…and by foods you aren t particularly fond of anymore!

So the next time you feel compelled to join a warehouse club, think twice especially if you re trying to lose weight. You may ultimately spend more money and add more pounds.

According to a Japanese study, people who eat quickly and eat until they feel full are three times more likely to become overweight compared with people who eat slowly and modestly. Researchers suggest shifting patterns of behavior, driven by the advent of fast food and cheap food, are widely to blame for the obesity pandemic. “The combination of the two eating behaviors had a supra-additive effect on being overweight,” the team say in their paper, published online Tuesday by the British Medical Journal.

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