dreamThough dreams are experiences unique to each person, there is such a thing as common dreams.

Common dreams are dreams that pretty much border on similar themes.

Here are the ten most common dreams, as well as their brief interpretations:

Dream Themes about Being Attacked or Chased

Eighty percent of those who took part in Garfield’s survey note dreams about being pursued or attacked, and is interpreted as the effects of stress, experienced by the dreamer in the waking world.

Dream Themes about Dying or Getting Injured

Death doesn’t really mean someone’s going to die. Rather dreams about death are interpreted as symbolism for something once thriving in the dreamer that is somewhat dying, or no longer living up to how it used to in the past.

Dream Themes Regarding Vehicle Trouble

Common Dreams of this caliber mostly symbolize the sentiments of a dreamer, relating his/her waking life as going out of control. Regardless if the dreamer can drive a vehicle or not, Vehicle Trouble is among the most common dreams.

Dream Themes Involving Property Loss

Dreams which deal with property loss, like one’s house being destroyed by fire, is interpreted as a dreamer’s fear of possible loss of something in the dreamer’s waking life.

Dream Themes Involving Poor Performances

As an entry into the roster of common dreams, dream themes involving poor performances are interpreted as reflections towards a dreamer’s feeling of being tested in the waking world. Other psychologists see dreams like these as fear of poor sexual performance.
Dream Themes Involving Drowning or Falling

As among the most common dreams, dream themes involving falling or drowning happens when a dreamer feels overwhelmed in his/her waking world. Drowning dreams, particularly, are interpreted as the survival instinct of a person to breathe.

Dream Themes Involving Being Nude in Public

The meaning behind nude dreams are somewhat relative, considering which part of the body was exposed in the dream. Dream themes of this breed oftentimes indicate feelings of vulnerability.

Dream Themes Relating Missing the Bus or Other Means of Transport

When a dreamer is missing out on something in the waking world, dream themes involving missing the bus, train, or airplane commonly come in.

Dream Themes Involving the Malfunction of Machines, Particularly Telephones

Dreams of this sort commonly happen when a dreamer is feeling he/she is loosing touch with someone in the waking world. They could also be interpreted as “problems” in one’s body.

Dream Themes Involving Natural Disasters

Dreams of this sort are usually refer to personal problems ranging out of control, as disasters pretty much are.


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