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A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being an “expert commentator” on an E!TV special.

It was called, “Hollywood’s 25 Hottest Cougar Tales” and was two hours of gossip, footage, photos, and factoids of celebrity couples in which the woman was at least five years older than the man. (GASP!)

It ran like a million times – perhaps you saw it, or are about to…

It was pretty goofy. I got to make snarky remarks about the likes of Julianne Moore and her younger director husband; Kim Catrall and her former twenty-something boyfriend; and Halle Berry and her recent ex., the gorgeous model Adrian what’s his name…

I was especially proud that they kept a clip of me telling how Geena Davis met her surgeon husband (he was 27 and she was 43 – they both happened to be out walking, and her dog ran over and bit him on the backside! In show business that’s what they call a “meet cute”)…

(The show didn’t include my all-time favorite “older woman/younger man” couples – Carol Burnett and Joan Collins are married to men who are twenty-three and forty-two years younger than them, respectively… GO, ladies!)

To add to the fun, the E! special “counted down” the couples in order of “hotness.”

And, of course, the #1 HOTTEST couple with a large “role-reversal” age difference was… (drum roll)…

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

And it’s true – they’re hot. And they’ve seemed blissfully happy… until rumors of him cheating started hitting the tabloids about a year ago, and have come up again this past week.


In case you have a life or something and haven’t heard, let me catch you up to speed.

They met when she was forty and he was just twenty-five.

Everyone assumed it was a fling, but they showed the naysayers and married in 2005 and, other than their unconventional age difference, seemed perfectly matched.

One of the even more remarkable things about their union besides the dates on their birth certificates, is that they’re both extremely good friends with Demi’s ex-husband, Bruce Willis.

So much so, in fact, that he was at their wedding, and a few years later they were at his.

They all go on family vacations together with Bruce and Demi’s three daughters, and the kids call Ashton, “my other dad.”

It sounds downright cozy.

Talk about being healthy and evolved.

Ashton and Demi practice Kabbalah, and that’s reason enough for us all to check out the teachings!

Red string bracelet, anyone?

So – it seemed to me that they must ALL be super astrologically compatible.

Ashton and Demi – Demi and Bruce – and Ashton and Bruce….

So, let’s take a look in the astrological vault, shall we?

Let’s start with the May/December couple…

Ashton is Demi’s third husband, and it seemed (at least until last year, and now this week) that the “third time’s the charm” was working for her.

Interestingly, according to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) Demi’s chart indicates she’d be younger than her years, and Ashton’s indicates he’d be mature beyond his.

(I’m not kidding…)

This is because Demi has the Moon in Aries, which is the youngest sign, ruled by the dynamic, active planet Mars.

And Ashton has the Moon in Capricorn, one of the oldest signs, which is ruled by Saturn, the planet of maturity.

As I explain in my program, “Signs of Compatibility,” people like Demi – with the Moon in Aries – are always active, adventurous, and “up for anything,” keeping them young at heart and with a zest for life that belies their years.

And people like Ashton – with the Moon in Capricorn – are always deep thinking, serious, responsible, and steady – even as children.

So this helped them to “bridge the gap.”

Both of their charts are beautiful for fame and fortune.

Ashton has both the Moon and the Sun in a constellation of Capricorn called “Dhanishta” which means, “the wealthiest” and is why he’s not just a “pretty face” but is also a very successful TV producer, with multiple projects going at all times.

Crazy as it sounds I would have predicted that Ashton would marry someone older.

This is because the two “planets” that represent a man’s wife – the Moon and Venus – are BOTH in the sign of Capricorn in Ashton’s birth chart, and when a man has this he commonly marries someone older.

And his nature is great for being in an unconventional relationship (like one with a big age difference, and a built-in ex-husband as part of the deal).

This is because Ashton’s Moon constellation that I mentioned – Dhanishta – is what’s called a “demon” constellation.

People who are born in the “demon” constellations are not bad or evil – they just never live in traditional, predictable ways. They tend to “march to their own drummer” and follow their own rules, and not care what others think.

They pretty much NEVER do things the “NORMAL” way. Which, yes, can include their sex lives… I’m just saying. (His chart does indicate he’d be VERY sexually active, as he has Mars and Venus “in opposition,” and the Moon is conjunct Venus, so is involved in the opposition as well. Any combo of Mars, the planet of passion, with Venus, the planet of sensuality, and the Moon – the planet of our emotions and desires, guarantees a person will have STRONG, passionate desires. Tiger Woods has a similar thing. Yikes.)

Demons also have very “in your face” senses of humor, which explains why he’d create TV shows like “Punk’d” and “Beauty and the Geek.”

As for the compatibility of Demi and Ashton, I checked them out using the amazing technique found in “The Right Man Report.”

This technique is from ancient India, and has been used for thousands of years to arrange marriages.

It compares two people’s Moon signs and constellations – because it’s the Moon that shows how you FEEL with someone, how you emotionally connect – or DISCONNECT, as the case may be.

And it’s incredibly accurate.

There are fifteen steps to this technique, and they break a relationship down into the most important parts.

There are five steps that are considered extremely important – if any of them are missing between two people that’s the part of the relationship that will be the “weak link” – even if other things are lovely between them.

And there are three steps that are considered extra special. If a couple has any of these three, they’ll feel a special “wow” or “meant to be” feeling with one another.

And – what’s SO cool – is that I ran the technique on everybody – Ashton and Demi, Demi and Bruce, and Ashton and Bruce.

The result?

As I suspected HAD to be the case, ALL of them have ALL five of the MOST IMPORTANT things in the technique going for them with one another.

So that’s how they can all be one big happy family.

None of them has any big BUGABOO issues with the other… (not astrologically speaking, that is).

Which is SO great.

It means that emotionally their energies just easily meld.

As for the three special connections, Demi has TWO with each man.

With BOTH men, she has a connection that makes her feel a DEEP loyalty and dedication.

So, even after a divorce (for who knows what reasons – I’ve only heard rumors…) she’d STILL want the best for Bruce and care deeply about him.

And she feels this way about Ashton, too, so it’s a good thing that he and Bruce like each other, because she’d have a hard time upsetting either of them…

She and Bruce also have a connection called, “innate giving” that makes BOTH of them want to go out of their way to make the other happy.

So you may be thinking about now, “If she and Bruce have all of the five most important steps going for them, and have two out of the three special connections, why’d they break up?”

Good question…

As I explain in my ebook, “Love Is in the Stars” – relationships need FIVE critical keys to all be in place to last. Everyone who loves astrology but hasn’t studied it, mistakenly thinks that being compatible is some sort of celestial guarantee that your love will last… but it’s not.

Only one of the FIVE critical keys is the topic of compatibility.

Another of the CRITICAL KEYS is, “Can both people DO relationships?”

Bruce’s chart is not the best for marriage and partnership.

It indicates that he’d have many relationships, (Demi was his second wife, and he recently married his third). His stars also have combinations commonly seen in the charts of people who experience divorce.

So, it’s not enough that he and Demi were compatible.

And it may not be enough that she and Ashton are as well…

I don’t know what the future holds for them, but her chart is made up of almost all of her planets being in movable signs. This tends to make it so a person’s life is ALWAYS changing and full of new things all the time – including new places to live, new jobs, and new partners.

More significant than that, is the fact that Demi is in a painful “Cycle of Saturn” that began two years ago (and gee – these nasty rumors began after that) and gets worse this Fall for the next three. So I am concerned for them.

In “Cycles of Saturn” it’s common to doubt or question that your partner is really there for you, and to feel that they’re not. It’s often when we reevaluate our relationships, and no longer enjoy them as much as we once did. It’s often when a woman will feel rejected, or unsupported, and like we’re giving more than we’re getting.

Our tolerance for things that before we could have handled goes way down. I say in the report, “This is an all or nothing time in relationships. You desire to be in the ‘right’ relationship, or NO relationship.” (J. Lo is about to be in this next month, which is why I predicted on “EXTRA” that she and Marc Anthony won’t get back together… just to add to the day’s gossip!)

So we shall see if they weather this storm.

As for Demi and Ashton, they may just surprise us all, as they do have my all-time favorite combination for marriage…

It’s called, “Mahendra” or “Sense of Purpose” and gives two people a feeling of more and more meaning over time.

Even if they have little in common (her being the much older divorced mother of three and him being a young TV sitcom actor) the more they spend time together, the more they’ll feel like they’re SUPPOSED to be together…

…like their love is “meant to be” no matter their differences.

It tells you all that stuff I covered with Ashton, Demi, and Bruce…

Can you easily be together, or will you just be too emotionally different?

Do you have all five of the most important steps together, or not?

Do you have any of the three extra special connections, that ensure a relationship can withstand the test of time, and make you both easily able to make the other happy – no matter what?

Will one of you feel an extra strong feeling of loyalty and dedication to the other?

Find out!

And learn just what to do about it all, if in your case it’s more like an INCOMPATIBILITY REPORT than a compatibility report…

You can have all of this information in mere minutes for less than $20, with my usual no-risk, money-back guarantee by going here now for my Right Man Report->

As for my snarky TV appearances, you can see clips of me on my website (one of me advising a couple on “Bridezillas” was especially fun, as was making celebrity predictions on EXTRA). Or just keep your TV tuned to E! and I’m sure you’ll catch a rerun soon.

In the meantime, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!

From Sarah: We LOVE Carol here – because her “Right Man Report” is so totally amazing and so completely helpful! It helped me absolutely understand what’s going on between my man and me, and it made me feel SO much better. Not only does Carol lay out the dynamics of what’s going on with you and ANY man – she tells you exactly what to DO about it. Just go here to get her free newsletters and check out her Right Man Report->

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