gayewrightby Gaye Wright – (channeling from her cosmic friends The Chums, about the real meaning of St. Valentine s Day)

When we talk about Valentine s Day and the spirit of Valentine, we re not talking about a bunch of roses or a few cards, or some hyped-up, romantic, consumerist aspect of Valentine s Day. We re actually talking about a real spirit.

For whether we like it or not, a spirit has been generated around Valentine s Day, and you either cut yourself off from it, ignore it, pretend it doesn t exist, or you link into what that spirit means and take from that flow of energy the real love, the real caring, the real sharing spirit.

Valentine s Day may have had dubious origins, and that s not really relevant. For it s not how it began but what it does to you now that matters, and how you respond to it now that matters.

Taking on the real spirit of Valentine…
If you want to take on the real spirit of Valentine then it s about understanding how that spirit links into your spirit. How does the spirit of Valentine help and support your spirit to grow and develop in love and romance and caring and sharing. That s the real message behind the spirit of Valentine.

The real message is about how your spirit interacts with the spirit of Valentine
This is a different way of looking at Valentine s Day, for you re going way beyond the bunch of roses, way beyond the cards and the event itself, into the whole spirit world, into the world where energy flows are interacting and communicating with each other in this big tapestry of energy we call the universe.

And, we re all part of this. We can t separate ourselves from it.

So, in this tapestry of energy interaction to which you belong, to which we all belong, the spirit of Valentine emerges through the celebration, emerges into the light, for one brief day a year, and takes on what could be called a naming day for that spirit a birthday, like your birthday, where you celebrate your spirit.

And rather than celebrate the spirit of some person called Valentine, whoever that person may be, this is about celebrating the spirit of love, the spirit of romance, the spirit of caring and sharing. And, interacting with that spirit in such a way that you feel energised in love, you feel energised by the spirit of romance, you feel energised by the spirit of caring and sharing.

It reminds us that we have a spirit. It reminds us of our own spirit. It reminds us of the spirit of love and romance and caring and sharing that we all have within us. How we can bring forth that spirit more joyfully, more positively, not just for ourselves, but to share and care and love and be with other people in the real spirit of who we are.

So rather than just ignore Valentine s Day if you don t believe in it, or get caught up in it if you do believe in it, why not strike a happy balance and link into the spirit of Valentine as an interactive spirit with your own spirit and allow the spirit of Valentine for that day?

Allow the spirit of love and romance and caring and sharing to interact with your spirit so that the whole world benefits from an increase of that spirit. It s not just about an isolated spirit called Valentine, or an isolated naming event called St Valentine s Day.
It s actually about a celebration of spirit! It s a celebration of the spirit of love and romance and caring and sharing which we all have within us.

St Valentine s Day is about bringing forth the spirit from within us just a little more so we can all enjoy the benefits of increased love, the benefits of increased romance in our life, and the benefits of loving and caring and sharing.

Reach out to someone you love.

Your heart is beating with love for someone, whether that person be your lover, your friend, your partner, your children, your parents, your pet.

Focus on one person at a time. Imagine your heart and their heart like two red Valentine hearts with wings flying to meet each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Gaye

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