Do you know the moment a man falls in love with you?

Most women think it’s when he says the words, “I love you.”

But have you ever had a man tell you “I love you” then fall out of love days, weeks or even months later?

Most men… even when they say those words, they mean them in that moment; but often they aren’t emotionally bonded to a woman. This is how (<–click here!) you know when his love for you won’t fade away:

Because when a man suddenly “falls out of love,” it’s easy to think he never loved you in the first place; but what if he does love you, and he just needs help getting “unstuck?”

Here’s how to draw your cold, distant man back to your warm embrace.

And here’s what’s critical for you to know…
No matter what he tells you. No matter how much you rack your brain trying to remember all the “mistakes” you made…It’s not your fault.

Men HAVE to go through these “5 Bonding Stages” to fall in love with a woman.

When a man pulls away, it isn’t because you’ve done something wrong: it’s because he’s “stuck” at a certain emotional stage and panics, often leaving a wonderful relationship.

Here’s what to do when he goes through the doubting stage (because all men do)…


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