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Astrology is a centuries-old science filled with traditions, insights and history. Each week I’ll share an interesting fact,
prediction, highlight or nuance that will help you better understand this vast and powerful guide to yourself, your loved ones,
and your relationships.

Since the dawn of time, man has learned best through the sharing of myths and metaphors, symbols and stories.

And, since astrology has been around seemingly since the dawn of time all over the world, it’s full of all of the above…

One of my favorite metaphors in all of astrology, and one that is quite helpful in helping you to remember what the heck the planets each symbolize, is the metaphor of what’s called “the planetary cabinet.”

The planetary cabinet imagines that the solar system is a kingdom, and the Sun, Moon, and planets are all members of a royal assembly.

The Sun, being the biggest, brightest, and most awe-inspiring of them all, is considered the king.

The Moon, also being a “luminary” and reflecting the light of the Sun, is considered the queen.

Mars is the army chief.

Mercury is the crown prince – a studious, playful, strapping adolescent with the keys to the kingdom but none of the responsibilities.

Jupiter and Venus are ministers.

Jupiter specifically represents all teachers, counselors, lawyers, priests – anyone who provides wisdom and knowledge, or spiritual support to the kingdom.

Venus specifically is the Prime Minister, full of worldly wisdom, helping the kingdom to always do what’s best, and enabling its subjects to most enjoy life.

Saturn is a servant. He does all the jobs no one else wants to. He’s your basic “grunt worker.”

And Rahu and Ketu (eclipse points also referred to as “the nodes of the Moon” – not actually planets) form the army that
serves under Mars. Rahu’s army is used to expand into foreign and unknown territory, while Ketu’s is used to secure and protect established lands.

Confused yet?

Here’s where this little tale comes in handy.

People all have a “planetary personality profile” – a typing that inclines them to be either the king of their life, or the lowly guy sweeping up after the parade.

Knowing a person’s “planetary personality profile” can be much more telling than knowing their astrology sign.

It’s so important, in fact, that it’s how professional astrologers think about people – not in term of their sign, but in terms of their “planetary personality profile.”

We’ll say to one another, “Oh, you know how Bob is – he’s such a Mercury guy – always joking and laughing and learning, as though he’s got no cares in the world, but will one day need lots of skills and information.”

(Just like Mercury as the Crown Prince – get it? :))

Or we’ll say something like, “Oh, you know how Megan is – she’s such a Jupiter girl. Always offering advice and uplifting pep talks. She’s so supportive and upbeat.”

(Just like Jupiter, as the counselor, teacher and spiritual guidance of the kingdom – are you with me?)

What’s fun when you know which planet dominates a person’s nature, is then you know much more about how to understand and relate to them.

You’d never say to a Sun person, for example, “Why are you doing it that way? Here – let me give you a suggestion…”

Ever try telling a king that you have a better idea? It doesn’t usually go so good. (They tend to take their shiny crown and sceptor and go elsewhere…)

I have found planetary personalities to be so helpful that I devote an entire chapter just to this very topic in my eBook, “Love Is in the Stars.”

What’s so cool is that you don’t need to so much as ask a person for their birthday to be able to figure out which profile is true for them – all you have to do is spend a little time paying attention to how they behave and the way they are, and you’ll know.

And it’s SO helpful.

The TRUE love zodiac is the very first zodiac used in all of astrology – and I gotta tell ya, it rocks.

The very first signs of astrology were not the ones you know of, they weren’t the famous twelve signs that you’ve heard of.

They’re twenty-seven signs that I’m guessing you’ve never heard of, that reveal far more detail, insight, and TRUTHS about
a person’s personality, emotions, and psychology – forming their true inner self.

It’s to these twenty-seven that we look to in Vedic astrology, the system of India, to arrange marriages. Because some of them go together, and some of them don’t…

Knowing this will ensure that you are truly a QUEEN with the right man for you, and not a lowly servant to the wrong one…

And may God and his entire planetary cabinet shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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