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Did you know there are new words in the language of the online dating world now? Yes, you can blame texting, emojis and the like, but there is some crazy vernacular being tossed around online sites, communicating and even concerning sex, so in order to keep you well informed, we will share some of the latest with you here.

Some new sites and apps include:

LuLu – a ‘Yelp’ style site where women can rate guys on a scale of 1-10, and assign them labels from a bank of either positive or negative hashtags. IE: #RespectsWomen or #CantTakeAHint…

Tinder – a site where you can swipe through photos linked to facebook and choose whom you text through the site. No profiles, just pics.

Hinge – same as Tinder, but only connects you with someone with whom you share a mutual friend of Fbook.

Some new words:

Ghosting – disappearing on somebody you’ve been dating or in a relationship with without so much as a text goodbye. Being ghosted is humiliating; it’s like saying that you not only have no value but have ceased to exist.

NIL – Not Into Looks – you may see this on someone’s profile, and of course, just like lots of words used on a profile, is not necessarily true. We are human – we are all into looks since it is hard-wired into our DNA in order for us to find an acceptable mate.

DF – Drama Free – as in “looking for a DF woman/man/relationship.” Usually means the user of this acronym just got out of one and is still bitter or fearful.

WAA – Will Answer All – might as well sound like a desperate whiner, because this person will answer all winks, nods, messages, etc… And that means they have too much time on their hands….

Avatar – not the movie – a personality someone chooses in order to pick up a date. IE: “What’s your avatar?”   “I’m thinking I will be Joey from Friends – How you doin?”

Kino – the kinesthetic approach of touching someone in a non-threatening manner in order to build trust to eventually have sex with them. This can include subtle arm brushes, holding hands, touching fingers or hair…

Peacocking – when a male goes over the top with clothing, jewelry (piercings or tattoos) and actions in order to impress a female.

LS – could mean Legally Separated or Light Smoker – big difference!


It’s important to have a checklist of sorts and a working knowledge of some of these terms as well as key things to look for in online profiles BEFORE you dive right in to the cyber-dating world these days.

Yes, finding a date on line does seem to be the way to find a mate.  With our busy lives and tight circles of friends becoming even tighter/smaller, having the internet world at our fingertips does provide us with a great selection of folks we may not otherwise ever meet, much less date or with whom we might develop a long-lasting relationship.

However, it’s a great idea to have that checklist in hand and talk to someone who already has some online dating experiences under their belt. Both male and female – since each gender’s perspective is unique and may give you some insight from both directions.

Don’t think you know anyone directly who has cyber-dated? Ask a friend, family member or co-worker if they know someone.   Most of the time these folks are thrilled to be able to share some of their terrific and not-so-great stories of online dates, and will be able to give you some pointers on what to look for (and avoid) in a profile, what to write on your own, and most importantly, how to go – safely- on that first date.

You can also read some great pointers in The Secret Code of Online Dating right here.

Wishing you luck and love in the real world following your ‘cyber-foray!’

-The Folks at LRR

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