online datingAdd these tips to your online dating routine to meet your dream man:

Online dating – or “Internet” dating – is fantastic.  It totally gives you options you’d never have normally, lets you talk with men in your pajamas from your computer, and gives you an unequaled pool of men to choose from.

And…it has it’s drawbacks if you use it exclusively, so we want to…

Add The Missing Parts Of Online Dating For You:

1. Get Out There and Be Social.

If you sit around in your pajamas looking for Mr. Right, or letting Mr. Right find you…it’s easy to stop doing the things you used to do. It’s easy to forget about the classic ways to meet great men – doing things you love, and going where men are.

It’s easy to close yourself off and forget to smile at every man you pass on the street or meet at a party or stand in line at the coffee house with. It’s easy to get “picky” and forget there are “real world” men all around you.

Your social muscles are no different than your physical muscles; they have to get a good workout if you’re going to get any good results in this area! Being given dates on a plate via online dating is all well and good, but it won’t help you if you happen to run into the man of your dreams in Starbucks tomorrow. It won’t give you the toolkit you need to attract a man if you should meet him at the dry cleaners, or at the gym.

Online dating cuts through the difficult process of going out and attracting someone and instead fast-forwards straight to the dating stage.

2. Look around you and stop thinking of every conversation with a man as a “date.”

All online dating does is set you up with dates. But getting a date is only the first step.

Getting a date alone won’t break you out of those bad habits that come up in relationships, which can ultimately lead to a break up. And having a date handed to you won’t give you the skills of attraction and socializing that come from meeting guys in new environments.

The point is, it won’t help you at those times when you’re going it alone and want to make something happen with a guy you’re interested in. In this way, internet dating takes the power of choice away from us.

Instead of feeling confident and socially able to make anything happen no matter where we are, we can start to get lazy if we know we can go online and get a date anytime.

3. Build a support system and “peer group” around you.

Getting guys using online dating doesn’t encourage you to get your hands dirty in building that attractive lifestyle and peer group that will enable you to just effortlessly attract men into your social circle.

Online dating can be a lonely activity, and it doesn’t add that fun and spontaneity that really makes us excited about our dating lives.

4. Smile, Smell, Get Curious and Get In There.

The inner world of talking with a man you just meet somewhere – in a class or a bookstore can really be enhanced by the practice you’re getting online dating!

Every man you meet for the first time through online dating gets you invaluable experience that helps you get instantly into a deeper, easier conversation with men everywhere. There’s so much more than email!

And there’s so much more than the phone!  Instead of pre-screening a man only online – try pre-screening them live and in-person!

There’s so much more to “chemistry” than talk. And so much more than “sex,” too.

Smell has so much to do with attraction – we give off pheromones, we’re affected by the smells of food and spices and flowers that bring us back to our childhoods and to memories that make us feel a certain way emotionally – and your man will have the same experience.

He’ll feel comfortable and attractive to you for no good reason – your eyes, your brain and your nose will ALL get into the act of choosing who to date .

So try getting out there and getting in there, and let us know how expanding your process for getting your Mr. Right is working for you. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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