law of attractionby Iris Clamor

To understand the Law of Attraction, it helps to know that there are are two kinds of people on earth – those that think too much, and those that accept things for the way they are. Though it’s likely that the former will end up ruling the earth, the latter is definitely the happier bunch.


Because while the former is stressing about the mundane hows and whys of things, the latter is content in the knowledge that there are certain powers in this world that are better off appreciated rather than questioned, like electricity, gravity, and, of course, the Law of Attraction.

This law is nature – the most powerful force in the universe – at its best and it won’t cease to be a reality, even if you don’t really know the nitty-gritty behind the whole concept.

The Law of Attraction Says: What goes around, comes around

The Law of Attraction’s concept is simple: what you put out, you get back many times over. This refers to raw human energy, including emotions, thoughts, and moods. Simply put: negative energy begets negativity, while the reverse is true with positive energy.

Suffice to say, if you wish to make the most out of the Law of Attraction’s power, you have to rid – no, purge – yourself of negative energy, and program both the conscious and non conscious brain to dwell on the positive – that is to say, the things that inspire you, please you, and excite you.

Build the foundation and the Law of Attraction will work for you

A good foundation is needed to build something worthwhile. With the Law of Attraction, this foundation is laid out in the spirit. If your spirit is in disarray, you’ll never fully achieve the happiness you are seeking. In order to receive the positive energy that’s yours for the taking, you need to start with a clean slate – a spirit that’s devoid of disharmony.

Be hopeful

The Law of Attraction is all about the manifestation of your aspirations into reality. In order to truly appreciate this manifestation, a hopeful heart must be established and maintained. By being hopeful, you allow the universe to fulfill your hopes. You have to realize, however, that there’s a line between ‘hope’ and ‘wishful thinking’. Hope pertains to reasonable expectations, while the latter is all fanciful whimsy. Learn to distinguish between the two.

Make it personal

Just as every person is unique, each person’s aspirations are unique as well. Everyone is destined for greatness, but it’s a greatness that’s distinct to the dictates of each one’s spirit. To use the Law of Attraction to tap into the universe’s great power, you have to focus solely on your ambitions, and not on aspirations borrowed from other people. Let your heart guide your aspirations because it knows best.

Indeed, it may all sound like something out of a Beach Boys’ song, but the Law of Attraction is real. It’s not just a New Age trend advocated by Oprah and Dr. Phil, but a movement that can be traced back to the time of King Solomon. This is law that bridges the chasm between mere positive thinking and taking action. Such a combination is beyond powerful – it’s phenomenal!

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  1. Laurie on September 2, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    I used this principle to attract my soul mate to me–and did so in 1996. We’re still together and it is the best relationship of my life. I’ve been using these principles for over 30 years and they work. It wasn’t until ’96 that I thought about using the LOA to attract my soul mate. It’s funny sometimes what we forget that is in front of our face.

    Thanks for this article. It’s a good one.

  2. Sarah on September 3, 2010 at 8:45 am

    Laurie, Thank you for your lovely story….

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