The Key To Winning His Heart Is Not What You Think

The secret to having the close relationship you want is not about “doing” something, employing some sort of strategy or working hard to try to make a connection happen.

by Helena Hart

Instead, it has everything to do with how connected you are to YOURSELF – meaning your willingness to “be” with your own thoughts and feelings, especially when they don’t feel good to you.

The way to connect deeply with a man’s heart is always through your OWN heart first!

This is the pathway to a deeply connected, loving relationship that feels amazing to both of you.

It’s always about you and your energy – and the good news is, that’s ultimately the only thing you have control over!

When we’re disconnected from who we really are, this is how we end up settling in our lives. We’re often trying to avoid loss in some way, rather than moving toward the life and relationship of our dreams.

So much of the time we’re expecting things that might cause us pain or loss to happen – in a way we’re almost WAITING for disappointment or resistance to show up.

We think that anticipating things that might hurt us and trying to avoid them will keep us safe, but it usually doesn’t work out that way.

Shifting out of fear or doubt and into your empowered feminine energy signals to a man that you’re a woman who’s in touch with her true self – which will connect you to his heart if he’s the right man for you.

It also takes your focus OFF of him (which gets you out of your head) and onto yourself – which is what draws a man in and keeps his energy coming toward you throughout the course of your entire relationship.

When you’re stuck in fear or lack and you’re up in your head analyzing a man or trying to “figure him out” – a man cannot connect with you or fall in love. But when you’re in your empowered feminine energy and in touch with your own heart and feelings, he can!

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