The Key To A Deep Heart Connection With Your Guy

Many of us tend to put up walls around ourselves when we don’t trust ourselves or we don’t feel strong and secure on the inside. Can you relate?

by Helena Hart

If you want to connect deeply with a man’s heart so he falls in love, you want to make sure you’re operating from your CORE – not from this “outer shell” we can build up around ourselves.

This is what will allow you to attract your ideal man, or bring YOUR man closer than ever if you’re in a relationship.

If we don’t feel secure on the inside, this outer shell is like a false sense of confidence – and what happens when we build walls around ourselves is no one can truly get close to us.

When this happens, a man might be interested and come on strong for a little while, but if he gets the sense that he can’t get close to you emotionally (if he can’t see who you REALLY are), he’ll eventually give up and start to back off.

We operate from our “outer shell” when we feel a sense of anxiety, insecurity or urgency, when we’re coming from a place of “lack” or staying in a relationship where we’re not getting our needs met.

It can be easy fall into this without even realizing it if deep down we don’t feel we deserve any better – or we don’t think it’s possible to TRULY get everything we want in a relationship.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re with a man and you suddenly feel triggered by something he said or did…
Operating from your “outer shell” would look like attacking or blaming him, holding him responsible for your feelings, or completely detaching and shutting down emotionally.

This will make him feel UNSAFE around you on a deep, subconscious level – which weakens the attraction and connection and pushes him away.

Operating from your core would looking like owning your experience, remaining open and expressing how you feel in an authentic way.

This is a huge sign of confidence and will actually bring a man CLOSER in that moment and deepen the intimacy between the two of you when done correctly.

Confidence is the “universal attractant” – everyone finds confidence sexy!

In order to feel confident enough to express yourself authentically and connect deeply with a man’s heart, you need to trust yourself more than anyone else.

When you trust yourself and you feel strong and secure on the INSIDE, you’ll start to be organically led to make decisions that will serve you better than anything else. This is how to start operating from your CORE, rather than an “outer shell” of fear or survival.

Trusting yourself and operating from your core are crucial steps to loving yourself unconditionally and feeling AUTHENTIC confidence in who you are.

This is what allows a man to feel close to you emotionally, which will instantly connect you with his heart.

At the same time, when you truly know and understand that the right man for you will want to be with you because of WHO you are, you won’t tolerate bad behavior or accept anything less than you deserve.

This strong sense of confidence in who you are will help you express yourself in a way that will connect with his heart, and create a safe space of acceptance and appreciation so your relationship lasts!

As a Certified Life and Relationship Coach with a masters degree in Psychology, author and master coach teacher, Helena Hart helps people all over the world effortlessly attract love into their lives. Whether you’re recently single or you’ve been single for years – or you’re in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere – Helena can help you quickly and permanently turn your love life around. If you’re ready to inspire the kind of deep attraction and devotion that makes a man fall in love and want to be with you forever.
“I had to uncover my relationship patterns and deep fear of intimacy in order to figure out what I was doing that was blocking love and great men from coming toward me. When I did this I was able to heal myself and turn things around very quickly!”

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