dreamNo one truly knows why we dream.

All that is known is that there is a significant relationship between a dreamer’s current state of mind and/or being, with that of the dreams that come in the night.

This is where an understanding of dream content and dream symbols would greatly aid dreamers in understanding what they are in excess of, or lack of in their “waking life” existence.

There are a number of dream types that come in an about, standing as ideal markers indicating a dreamer’s current frame of thought. The most famous of which would be recurring dreams.

A dream which keeps getting experienced on a regular basis is pretty much what is known as a recurring dream, and is seen as a common dream event.

Recurring dreams, as dream therapists and analysts have come to see them, are messages from the inner self of a dreamer, telling him/her about something which needs to be addressed in the “waking life.”

Think of recurring dreams as a person who keeps on calling for your attention, when your full attention isn’t focused on that person. A recurring dream is one, telling dreamers something which needs to be “dealt with”.

Here Are Two Of The Most Common Dream Symbols That Happen In Most Recurring Dreams…


Dreams about flying usually refer to a dreamer’s desire to be free, or to escape, from the situation they are with in waking reality. Recurring dreams of this type usually tell dreamers what their inner desires are, and are usually resolved by addressing the same said desires to be free.

Escape and freedom from the pangs which bind people aren’t easily done though. Recurring dreams about flying are simply indicators of one’s desire to be free, the most common steps dreamers take would be to adapt a new outlook towards what they see as their shackles.

Again, this is noted in a general sense, as not all situations are the same and equal with all others.


Dream content entailing the falling of teeth usually refers to a dreamer’s issue with not being heard or acknowledged in the waking world.

As recurring dreams, they are somewhat disturbing, if not annoying.

Studies have revealed that teeth falling dreams are common among “shy persons,” who have issues related to work, particularly standing up to their bosses.

Dream therapists have suggested conversation enrichment programs for falling teeth dreamers, with the goal of arming dreamers with the skills needed to make their voices heard.

Recurring dreams do have something to say regarding our deepest self – and about the habits of your daily life, how you think, where you’re putting your attention – and where you’re stuffing feelings down.

If properly addressed, they could be maximized as personal markers, informing dreamers about what their problems with the waking world are, leading to happier, more content lives.

In the end, they are dreams which call for a dreamer’s attention, because what they have to say  needs to be heard.

And there are other kinds of dreams – dreams we all have for our lives that are waking dreams, and fantasies, and wishes.

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