We’ve noticed that the problem of a man withdrawing and then coming on strong and then withdrawing again – basically going “Hot and Cold” in a relationship (sometimes from the beginning of dating, and sometimes deep into a marriage) – is of huge importance to many of you, and so we wanted to compile our articles that can help you with this kind of man.

From Sarah: I personally know how painful it is when a man makes you feel wonderful with him and about him, and pulls you in close emotionally, and makes you feel like you can trust him and give your heart to him – and then he gets “squirrelly” and throws you completely off balance.

Maybe he stops calling and texting the way he did.Maybe he suddenly gets “busy” or “jammed at work” or has “family issues.”

Maybe he isn’t as affectionate with you.

Maybe he isn’t initiating sex like he once did.

It’s all confusing and upsetting…and these articles from our favorite experts can help you:

* Confused by your guy being all into you and then not calling or seeming distant? Here’s what you may need to change:
Is Your Man Hot And Then Cold – What To Do… – Rori Raye »

* Did you fall hard for guy, only to discover you were with his evil twin just weeks later? Here’s what might be going on:
Why Men Go Cold And Withdraw For No Reason – Carol Allen »

* It was a great date, you both had fun and he said he’d call (he didn’t.) Find out some reasons why the phone isn’t ringing:
Why Doesn’t He Call You Back?  – Alexandra Fox »

* Did you unknowingly send the message that he should not be around? Here are some things you may be doing to push him away:
The Big Mistake Women Make That Can Push A Man Away And Make Him Withdraw – Christian Carter »

* Can you open yourself to your man’s love? Maybe it’s not him that needs to do some homework:
When Your Man’s Love Doesn’t Feel Like Enough – Dominique »

Are there other issues that feel crucial and urgent to you?

Tell us what you need, make some suggestions and we’ll create more resource pages like this a specific focus in mind…