The First Date Went Great. Now What?

Every woman knows how this feels: he acts interested on every date, but still says he’s not ready for a relationship.

by Christian Carter

If you’ve experienced this, you’re certainly not alone.

What’s worse, he can do all kinds of things with you from hanging out to getting physical, but he won’t communicate what he’s really feeling… until after he decides things “aren’t working”.

Frustrating, right?

You didn’t even get the chance to know or talk about what was going on inside his head.

How in the world did he think things were supposed to end up working? Were you supposed to read his mind!?

The problem is that women try to read TOO much into their early interactions with men, which then leads them to think that after the first few dates, they’re in what I call the “instant relationship.”

That means women often think they’re in a relationship with a man when he’s still feeling things out and probably doesn’t have “relationship” anywhere on his radar. So what IS he thinking on those first few dates?

But here’s the real deal.

What The Second Date and Third Date Mean to a Man

When a man asks you out for a second or third date, all it means is he’s interested in getting to know you better, because he felt a good connection with you on date #1.

It doesn’t mean that he necessarily wants to be “exclusive” or is thinking “serious relationship.” He’s still just getting to know you.

He’s enjoying your company, having fun, and starting to wonder about you.

Meanwhile, you’re already thinking ahead to the next few months when this is the ONLY man you’re seeing and things are “serious.”

Valuable Info: What He’s Thinking On A Date

You’ve already made a decision about this guy, and you don’t even know him that well yet. All you’re doing is going by your “gut feeling” and the chemistry you feel when you’re with him.

So you start acting on that “feeling” and you begin to make certain assumptions about what’s going on between you.

This can send a really bad “vibe” to a guy, especially when you assume you’re going to be seeing each other every weekend, when you express your annoyance with him when he doesn’t call you more often, and when you assume a monogamous relationship instead of actually discussing it, then get furious with him when you discover he’s still dating other women.

This is when a guy will pull away, sometimes for good. And you’re left wondering, “What happened?!”

See what I mean about the dangers of “instant relationship thinking?”