From Sarah – Okay – I really, really like this thing. I swear it nailed me and my man, and it has everyone else I know who’s done it – and this is a totally cool gift idea, I’m going to use it. (I’m also going to ask them if they know what happened with the 81% positively matching man and woman in the testimonials down below):

“Imagine your friends and family discovering the wonderful energetic connections they have with those who are most important to them.

Here is a gift for the season… a special opportunity to give a one month membership to
For just $19.97 your friends and loved ones can run 35 pairs of dates to know the energetic compatibility ratings as Friends and Lovers with anyone who comes to mind.

How fun is that?
We asked our customers to tell us how they’re using . This is what they said…

“Last night we had a party with a computer set up in the kitchen. We had the ratings page for MEnU open for anyone to see. Before we knew it there was a crowd around the computer… It was a smash hit. Everyone was texting to get birthdates from friends to look at every relationship they could think of. Lots of surprises…lots of fun..and did we have some amazing conversations!!! Thanks for this new tool!” -Gina, Sacramento

“Very cool! I love the way it works on my iPhone. I was with a buddy having drinks at our favorite bar. It was packed. I’m a little shy when it comes to conversations with women. I took out my phone to show MEnU to my friend. The gal behind me overheard us talking about the ratings and asked what we were doing. I think she might have been flirting with me, but I’ve never been very good at picking up the signals. I said, “What’s your birth date?” and to my surprise she told me! 10 minutes later I had run ratings for her and three girlfriends. One of them rated 81% Friends and 81% Lovers. We have a date tonight. BTW, my friend signed up for MEnU as soon as he got home.” -Daniel, NYC

“We loaded MEnU on our office computer for our holiday party. I didn’t get a chance to use it because there was too long a wait. So I tried it on my way home from my phone. My wife grabbed the phone and started to enter the dates of her sisters. Then her friends. This has made for great conversation. But the real value is the very special connection we made with family, friends and our office staff. Thanks MEnU…this is great.” -Kristian, Stockholm

We’re having a blast reading the stories. You can have just as much fun by giving this one-of-a-kind experience to your friends too. Make this holiday season the best ever with a gift of love and connection. Happy Holidays from MatchMatrix…

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