body languageThere’s more to body language than what we normally think of as what goes on “visually” with our bodies.

Body language involves ALL your senses – smell, taste, seeing, hearing, touching – and, well – why do we wear perfume?

In fact – I’ve seen a commercial where a woman carries food around with her that has a strong, flavorful scent to attract men (and of course, in the commercial, men are all over her – and then her friend tries it and has the same success).

Cooking has LONG been associated with appealing to a man’s “belly” – and so let’s call “smell” a body language skill, too. So…

The Body Language of Scents

Studies show that men associate the scents of cinnamon and vanilla with love.

To make the scents work for you, try baking some ready-made cinnamon rolls about an hour before your date arrives, or, wear a cinnamon-vanilla scented perfume

Aromatherapy experts have long-believed cinnamon to be an aphrodisiac!

It’s thought that certain aromatic plants exude oils similar to our own sexual secretions or pheromones. And that wearing cinnamon/vanilla blends enhances and increases the presence of pheromone-like substances and dramatically increases attraction from men.

What about us women?

Well, according to a recent study, we’re attracted to a black licorice scent. So, if you’re a man and you’re reading this – be sure to pick up licorice or Good ‘n Plenty at drugstore or movie snack bar (and be sure to let us know how it worked for you).

More On The Body Language Of Perfume:

Wearing perfumes is one of the most classic, time honored, even ancient ways women all over the world and throughout history have pampered themselves and attracted men on a day to day basis. The pleasure of applying a perfume can be both intimate and outwardly expressive; everyone around you enjoys fragrance – and you enjoy being at the center of the fragrance: The Wearer of the fragrance.

Perfume penetrates your body through your pores, and works with your body chemistry to prolong a lingering effect. In effect – it becomes a part of you and what you organically radiate.  It becomes a part of your body language.

A scent or cologne that smells good on one woman will not necessarily smell good on you. This is because the interaction between the fragrance and your body may produce a different scent perception due to your body’s hormonal balance.

So, the possibilities of differing body chemistry is an important factor to consider when buying a fragrance.

The body language of the scent may not be what you want to radiate.

Don’t assume that because a certain perfume smells good on your girlfriend, it’ll smell good on you, too.

Also keep in mind that a perfume that smells good on a smelling strip at the department store may not smell as good on you when you’ve bought it and taken it home.

Our suggestion is that you try the perfume on your body before you buy it this way: Squirt some on the inside of your wrist and walk away.

Don’t try to make a decision there on the spot with your first “hit” of the scent. Wait a couple of hours – shop around, or even go back to work or go home.

After a couple of hours you should know whether the fragrance works with your body or not. If it works, you can always buy the perfume on another day.

Characteristics of a Good Perfume That Speak The Body Language You WANT To Speak:

o You should be able smell its scent immediately after applying the perfume
o You should notice a real “emanation” of the scent from the skin in all phases of fragrance evaporation – that means over a long time – so you can tell if the scent actually changes on your skin after awhile

o Its fragrance should be noticeable in the area that surrounds you

o Substantivity – this means the ability to last long, and it usually demonstrates a well-constructed fragrance

Did You Know This About The Body Language Of Perfume?

1. Diets, way of life and medication will affect or influence your sense of smell
2. Women have better sense of smell than men
3. The smell memory is more efficient than the visual and taste memory
4. The sense of smell is sharper in the afternoons
5. The older we get the weaker our sense of smell gets
6. Fragrance lasts longer on oily skin than on dry skin

A Perfume’s Lasting Effect:

In general, the higher the concentration and strength of the aromatic oils in a perfume, the heavier and longer lasting it is. This means that, Perfume is the strongest; Eau De Parfum next, followed by Eau De Toilette, and lastly, Cologne and Body Splash.

Tips for Wearing Perfumes

o Perfumes should be applied on pulse points for the best effect
o Squirt some perfume into the air and walk into its mist for an all over cover
o Apply on the inside of your elbows, wrists and behind the ears
o Spray the perfume onto a cotton ball and stick it in the cleavage of your bra if you are a woman. This way, the scent is released continuously as the body warms up throughout the day.

Body language is a powerful thing.  Everything about you that isn’t your words is your body language!  And everything about HIM that isn’t his words (except for the way his face moves and his eyes move and his arms move when he says it!) is his body language.

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