by Amy Twain

Here are the 3 Faces Of Low Self Esteem

Knowing these will help you catch the red flags of any man, help you know how to make him feel safe enough to open up and feel confident with you – and also – help you identify places in yourself where low self esteem is getting in your way.

1) The Phony One.

From the name itself, the fake one. The Great Pretender. His successful and happy exterior is just a front, a facade to mask his true colors of fear of failure. These phonies are the ones who are pathetic enough to live their lives in quiet dread that one day they will be “found out”.

They are the types which need their self esteem to be validated; they need accomplishments and victories to further hide their feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

And the saddest thing is, they don’t think they deserve their success; they believe it was due to luck instead of their own skills.

2) The Rebel.

This May Not Look Like Low Self Esteem

These are the types who live in constant anger. Rebels are those who blame others and the world for all the wrong things going on in their lives–and this can occasionally make them the iconoclastic, law-breaking, resisting-authority kind. They have the “who cares” attitude, apathetic to people’s opinions. Yet deep inside, they may feel that they themselves are not good enough.

3) The Victim/Loser.

These are the ones who are the pathetic kind, continuously living in misery, perennially depending on others for love, support and validation. Victims are like little children, who can’t make, or are afraid of making, their own decisions.

Low self esteem makes them immature, lacking assertiveness; it pushes them down, making them underachievers. Always waiting to be rescued, losers/victims come from all walks of life and all lifestyles, ages, careers or either gender.

From Sarah:  Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently published a home study course on how to improve self esteem, and has all kinds of free help and videos on her site.  Check her out and knock out that low self esteem.

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