relationshipHave you ever woken up to find your relationship falling into pieces right in front of your eyes?

Have you ever asked yourself what happened to your relationship?

What happened to the loving and caring man who once thought the world of you?

How is it possible for him to change from an ardent lover to a cold stranger who doesn’t even want to talk to you?

Actually, there are “3Cs” that destroy relationships…read on…

*First “C” that Destroys Your Relationship


Do you know what’s the number one thing that most women (me included) do when we feel the guy is losing interest? We try to convince him to change his mind. When a man just isn’t interested, we beg, chase, plead, and do everything we can to try to change his mind.

Bad idea! I tried it and it never worked.

Here’s the thing: when it comes to keeping a guy interested, trying to convince him or talking him into liking you never, never, ever works.

The worst thing that a woman can do is to attempt to convince a man to like her.

Every time you do this, it eats away the attraction he still feels inside. So, the next time, my dear reader, when you find yourself trying to change his mind (especially at 3am when he is desperate to go to sleep), DON’T do it!

*The Second “C” that Destroys Relationships


The second thing that makes any beautiful woman turn from a lovely angel to a little monster is this action called complaining.

Complaining to a guy, especially about something he can’t change is extremely frustrating to him.

For example, when a woman complains to a guy that he has to like her more. It’s really something he can’t just make happen. He can’t make himself love you more.

He has to feel it. And, he has no control over this.

When a woman complains to a guy that he has to make changes to something he has no control over, he’ll get annoyed, upset, and start thinking about leaving you. Let’s be cautious about complaining to him for things he has no control over.

*The Third “C” that Destroys Relationship


The third thing that makes a guy want to leave is any controlling behavior.

I see this the most when a guy wants to go out with his buddies for a boys’ night out. Suddenly, a woman tries to control his social calendar and tells him when he can go out and when he can’t.

Can you imagine how shameful your man will feel when he has to call his buddies one by one and tell them that he has to miss the boys’ night out because his girlfriend said so? Can you imagine how long after that phone call he’ll be picked on by his buddies? Worse, every time his friends pick on him (you bet they will), he’ll associate that resentment with you.

We really don’t want that.

We want our men to only have good, loving, warm thoughts when they think about us, not resentment or annoyance.

So, let’s try to ditch the controlling behavior now.

To sum it up, the 3 Cs that destroy relationships are (1) CONVINCING your man, (2) COMPLAINING to your man, and (3) CONTROLLING your man. Stop doing the 3 Cs and start protecting your relationship today.

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From Sara at LoveRomanceRelationship: Alexandra Fox has some great info and tools. If you’ve been convincing, complaining or controlling, this is a great place to start to turn things around.

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