Thanksgivingby Kathryn Weber

Well, it’s that time of year: Thanksgiving. In America, we celebrate all our blessings and bounty with a holiday that features food and family. For some families, this is only the first, or maybe, second time they have eaten in the dining room this year.

Regardless of whether you dine in there regularly or not — or whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not — there are some…

Simple Feng Shui Rules About The Dining Room For Thanksgiving And Anytime

DO display your china and crystal. The dining room is a place of wealth, and for that reason, it is always auspicious to display your family crystal, china, or silver. Consider adding mirrors to the back of a china cabinet to “double” the amount of crystal and china you have.

DO have bright, beautiful lighting. A beautiful chandelier is a wonderful addition to the dining room. If yours isn’t bright enough or attractive to you, replace it with another fixture. Lighting is very auspicious.

DO hang mirrors here. Mirrors are stimulating and they double the good times by doubling the food and company in the room.

DON’T have clocks in the dining room. Clocks in the dining room bring bad energy; actually, they symbolize death. Remember, the passage of time is not important while you are enjoying a meal and the company of those closest to you. Take clocks out of the dining room.

DON’T eat with the dead. So many people have pictures of deceased relatives in the dining room. Avoid doing this because it creates an extremely yin dining experience — and that can create health problems.

DON’T eat with animals. It is better not to have animals in the dining room, real or otherwise. If you have pictures of birds or statues of animals — or even your dog, Spot — take them out of there. Animals symbolically eat your food. Better to put them in another location.

More Thanksgiving & Holiday Tips

Arguments start at the table? Excess wood energy is to blame. Put a red tablecloth on the table to diffuse arguments and exhaust the wood energy that gets everyone bickering. The red color will make everyone hungry and focus on the food instead of who got Aunt Martha’s china.

Provide for fun. Give your Thanksgiving guests something to do such as games, cards, or even silly MadLibs that gets them interacting (instead of just staring at the TV). These are great fun for adults and kids and only require a MadLibs pad and a pencil for great fun that’s contained and gets everyone participating. Best of all? All that fun and laughing bring your house beautiful happiness chi!

Burn pine or cinnamon scented candles. This stimulates appetite and is a natural scent from trees (cinnamon is a type of tree bark). Avoid sweet floral scents.

Arrange seating to face one another. Position chairs and sofas to face one another. This will keep feelings more convivial and prevent everyone from being “at odds” with each other, the way L-shaped seating so often does.

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