Texts He’s Sure To Respond To

Are you looking for the right text message that virtually guarantees he’ll respond right away?

by Amy North

We all know there’s nothing worse than waiting and waiting when a guy doesn’t text you back?

You hit send…

Then you keep checking your phone…

And with each passing minute you feel more and more powerless

Maybe you even feel your phone vibrate in your pocket…and pull it out just to see you were imagining things.

All the while knowing it would take him literally 20 seconds to write you back.

It’s crazy making.

But before you send him an angry text or give him some sort of ultimatum…

Instead, send him this ==> Click here!

It works by using something called “Attention Hooks”…

Which give him a feeling of overwhelming psychological tension…

That only getting in touch with you will release.

It’s like an itch in his brain that only hearing back from you will scratch.

So HE’S the one going crazy waiting to hear back from you, and not the other way around.

The cool thing about Attention Hooks is…

They’re based on the same techniques screenwriters use to grab your attention and keep you watching their movies…

Or to make you click “Watch Another Episode” again and again when you know you should just go to bed.

Go here to learn this weirdly powerful text message!

Which makes him think about you non-stop.

==> Free Tutorial Video <==

Amy North is a women’s relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada, with a degree in Social Psychology. Her programs, including Text Chemistry and The Devotion System have helped dozens of women attract and keep the right guy, or improve the relationship they already have. “As your relationship coach I can be your guru, supporter, challenger, and motivator. I’ll give you the push to get going, and the tools to keep you on track. Your interests will be my interests, and I won’t judge, but I will help.”

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