Tap Into A Man’s Infatuation Instinct

There are few things more painful than knowing that while you’re obsessing over a guy…

While YOU’RE unable to shake him from your mind while you wait for him to message you back…

While you’re analyzing every letter and punctuation mark in his texts for clues to how he’s feeling…

He’s not thinking about you at all

The good news is that there is something you can do about this:

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Researchers at Rutgers University recently discovered an emotional tripwire in the male brain.

Which flips a man into ‘infatuation mode’

  • Where he can’t stop thinking about you…
  • He becomes unable to feel the same way about other women
  • And he becomes ABSOLUTELY SURE you’re the only woman he wants.

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This ‘emotional tripwire’ is called The Infatuation Instinct.

And it evolved to overcome a man’s natural reluctance to settle down and commit to one woman.

It makes him idealize you – so he’s blind to all your flaws and can only see your positive qualities, and it wipes out all doubts and hesitations from his mind.

So he wants nothing more than to take you in his arms, and tell you how much you mean to him.

You’ll hear the story of how one woman used these scripts to turn a man’s feelings around for her…

And to change the way he saw her in a matter of seconds…

After years of being ‘passed over’ by guy after guy…

It’s a crazy story!

So if you’ve ever been passed over by a guy who can’t see all your wonderful qualities, you’re going to learn a lot from it.

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