Here’s a great post from Ann O’Brien, and so we wanted to let you know about her upcoming classes, too:

Are you pulling your hair out wishing your man would come forward and initiate more… whether you’re wanting a date, sex, or lifelong commitment? Have you ever found yourself “taking over” when your man doesn’t come through the way you want, and then been disappointed by the result?

Do you yearn to deeply surrender in love, but feel so frustrated that you’ve practically given up because no man has ever really been there for you? Are you telling yourself how healthy it is to be a strong, independent woman who can take care of your own life, even though deep down you know more is possible?

More IS possible, and no matter what you’ve experienced so far with men, YOU are infinitely powerful and you can learn to attract that “more” even if you can’t exactly pinpoint what it is yet. Just as much as we want to surrender, men deep-down want to please women; in fact, they become very ungrounded when they’re not received or when they don’t know what we want.

So, in order to please us, they need our feedback. They need us to open up and let them be men.

If you’re sensitive (and we women all are!), you KNOW how amazing it feels when you’re really being loved. You can also probably cringe remembering how icky it feels to walk through a bar and feel groped and drained of all life even when no one is touching you.

So how, you may wonder, can you stay open to the right man but avoid getting slimed? How can use your power without dominating a man, so that you stay feminine?

It’s like dancing with an invisible force… You might think of it as pure creative energy, but really it’s in every woman’s body because we each have the ability to create a new life in our bodies!

And (whatever phase of life you’re in or whether or not you’ve had children or ever will), if we can make a baby, learning to skillfully surrender to a good man in ecstatic love should be a piece of cake, right?

It can be, if you understand how to work with your own energy! There are so many books, rules and techniques out there but until you manage your energy, it almost doesn’t matter what you do or say.

By practicing simple meditation, visualization and breathing exercises you can soften and open to draw in more love than you’ve ever imagined, while setting your energy so that you’re clear about your boundaries. It’s like you become the boundary instead of needing to put up a wall.

And just as you soften, you will FEEL more than ever your power of attraction and your bliss, as if you are making love with every moment. Then, whether you want to attract a man or deepen the love you’re in, you’ll be irresistible.

Sound good? If so, you’re invited to receive:


~ a 10-week home study program with weekly teleclass beginning 1-11-11 with Ann O’Brien ~

Join this exciting and transformational womens’ program if you are ready for more fulfillment in love and life than you ever thought possible! Over the series you’ll benefit from meditation, energy clearing, creative exercises and juicy discussions to assist you in:

Understanding masculine and feminine energies
Loving yourself and freeing your radiance
Healing our personal and collective anti-feminine history
Making peace with past relationships
Feeling fully and owning your body
Navigating psychic relationship dynamics and your boundaries
Opening to sacred sexuality
Surrendering to love itself
Creating a new paradigm of relationships
Receiving love in your life

This will be so much fun and such an opportunity for breakthrough. You deserve it!

How it works…

You will receive 2-3 mp3s of inspiring lectures and powerful meditations each week to listen to on your own. Then, we’ll meet via phone for 1 hour at 5:30 pm PT/ 8:30 pm ET each Tuesday from 1/11 ~ 3/15.

On the calls you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive support from the group. Each call will be recorded and provided in the event you need to miss a week.

FREE INTRO CALL ~ Thursday, 1/6 at 5:30 pm PST/ 8:30 pm EST ~ Join us in this one hour call to see if this program is right for you and for an extra special offer!
Ready to sign up now? Do so by 12/31 and receive Early Bird Registration: events programs/workshops

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