by Chellie Campbell

“The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.” -Paramahansa Yogananda

Well, there s nothing like a bout of illness to get you to appreciate good health. And it gives you time that we don t often take in our hurry-scurry lives – time to rest and reflect and reset our habits, intentions and goals. As I pondered my fate between groans, I saw that the cycle of learning is always the same with the economy, with health, with relationships, with work.

First you Suffer:
Two weeks ago my back “went out”(whatever that is) and I suffered some really bad back pain. I went to bed and did the ice pack & Advil thing…

Got up to go to my niece Marissa s fantastically fun “Fairy Party”for her little girl Kara Lynn, who turned one. All of us family and friends gathered round for a backyard barbeque, pi ata, presents, and a scrumptious cake made out of individual cupcakes all frosted together in beautiful hot-ink icing.

But somebody had the stomach flu. Within 24 hours, ten people who had been at the party were throwing up. (And then the people who lived with them got it, so we know it wasn t food poisoning.)

Somehow, I escaped and didn t catch it. Whew. I congratulated myself on my good fortune and joined the family for Thanksgiving dinner, love and blessings.

Then you Purge:
But Typhoid Mary still lurked unsuspected and unknown. Two days later, I was worshiping the Porcelain God for the next 48 hours. Oy. This did nothing good for my back pain as you might imagine. And no Advil to help because I couldn t keep anything down. Add to that: No coffee=no caffeine=bigtime headache. Couldn t read, focus on TV, write, go anywhere, and the only music I heard through my delirium were endless refrains of Peggy Lee s “Fever”.
I was a mess, I tell you, a complete mess. But I did manage, in a few lucid moments, to apply the Law of Attraction, and focus on radiant, glowing, life-affirming Health. I held to that vision and knew the only thing standing between me and that reality was Time.

Next you Recover:
Eventually, Time works its magic. You make it through to a better day (“out with the bad air, in with the good air…”) and little by little, your glowing good heath returns. You start thanking God and all the angels for the absence of pain. You vow not to take your good health for granted ever again.

The Opportunity to be “Better-Than-Ever”:
Now I can just get up and go about my business as usual, return to all my prior habits and ways of being. But I see an opportunity to improve things. I had been thinking about changing some of my habits, like having fewer soft drinks, less coffee, less sugar, more exercise, etc. and maybe this Purge comes as a help to me, after all.

I m not in the grip of any of these habits at this moment they have all been broken through this experience. Now I can factor back in those food habits I choose the ones I feel are beneficial. I m not stuck in the trap of my habits any more. I can forge new habits that I know will get reality to match my affirmation of glowing good health.

Relate This to the Economy
Our financial habits were debilitating to our health. The fancy financial creations of Wall Street turned on their masters and ran away with the banks. Housing was so expensive no one could afford to buy except with no money down, liar loans, and pay later doom dates that people hoped would never arrive. We lived on credit cards to afford lifestyles beyond our means. A lot of us didn t save anything. Those who did saved for “retirement”without understanding what 401ks were or what they really invested in.

When the force of all the bad habits caught up with us and the economy got sick, there was a lot of pain and suffering. We re in the purge cycle now, as failed institutions crash and burn, people lose homes and jobs, and retirement dreams recede.

But it is bad habits that are dying here, creating the opening for better ones. Have faith better days are coming! It may be winter now, but spring always comes again. We re headed for recovery every day, and our best and brightest minds are working to facilitate it and choose better habits for the future. Cheer them on. Hang on.

Help where you can. Give where you can. Believe in your bright future and see it as yours today. Keep a smile on your face, confidence in your step, and love in your heart. The fearful world needs joyous dolphins to light the way to love, peace, and prosperity. It is already yours.

Love and blessings, Chellie

Chellie Campbell is a fascinating amazing woman – I know her personally, and she’s really “all that.” You can take a look at what she does right here ->

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