whitebackground.jpgDavid Deida’s fabulous. He’s inspiring, he helps men finally understand how to be great men and have a great relationship with a woman, and he helps women to understand how a man works, and how to be with a great one… David has some amazing stuff to say about love:

Have you noticed the difference between people who have engaged with David Deida’s work and those who haven’t?

One of the big differences you might have noticed is that when those who have not read or heard David speak about love, sex or passion — they usually use the language of “finding.”

They talk about seeking their perfect partner or soulmate — as if that person is already perfectly formed somewhere in the ethers.

Or maybe in a yoga class. Or wine bar.

They talk about “finding” love, as if it’s a penny on the sidewalk, something to be scooped up, pocketed — and kept.

Of course, you know, that this invaluable penny is already in your pocket.

It is you.

More specifically, the love that you are seeking is the love that you already are.

There is nothing to wait for.


As David has written:

“Waiting for love or doing anything to be loved
is as fruitless as fish swimming in the hope
of getting wet. Already, love is who
you are. Love is that which is living your
life, breathing your breath, moving your
body and all bodies…

Love is wanting to open your heart right now.
You can feel love’s desire to flow through
your entire body, this very moment. You have to
refuse love to lack it. You have to
close your heart, suppress your breath,
and tense your body to feel lonely and empty.”

Seeking love, finding love, Googling love, doing ANYTHING to discover love outside of the moment or outside of yourself only “leads you to more doing and never fulfills your deepest desires.”


And even thought we read this from David, and even though it resonates and we may believe it to the core of our souls, we live in a “doing” and “active finding” culture —

And so, by habit, we tend to try to DO something to draw love toward us rather than relax open as the love we already are.

Everything in our daily world — family, work, community — seems to want us to DO something to fit into the ideas, needs and priorities of that particular system.

David Deida’s work is a break and release from the frantic searching that so many people suffer.

He has shown you a doorway out of that swirl of outer needs, and out of that hectic grasping for something outside of you in order to experience the bliss of being and the bliss of intimacy.

From Sarah: If this piques your interest, you can find more information on David Deida’s site: Go here for more->

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