by Andrea Albright

Your body’s intuition is one of the most important tools in your healthy fat loss journey.

“What nutrition is my body lacking?”

“What movement does my body need?”

“Is my blood sugar too low?”…

These are all questions that are good to ask your body throughout the day. The answer you get will give you the GUIDANCE to give your body what it needs to be it’s most healthy and radiant version it can be.

And while understanding your body’s biological needs of nourishment and movement are VERY important…

What about the “deeper intuition” that is not always as easy to translate and put into words?

I’ve been in the middle of a yoga practice and I get this “whisper” from my body telling me, “Surrender a little more deeply into this posture.”

And when I surrender deeper, a memory will come up from childhood or early adolescence that I’ve never thought of since it happened…

I notice that when the memory comes up, there’s an emotion attached to it.

When I observe the emotion, without judgment or attachment, I’m able to ~breathe~ it out and release it.

In that moment, I can feel my body literally soften from the release.

Now, had I not been able to listen to the whisper of my body, and trust my body’s intuition that I needed to sink deeper into this posture, my body would have stayed “blocked” with this emotion and memory.

The *magic* of the body’s intuition is not something I was born knowing about…

For most of my life, I was ignoring it.

Why Do We Ignore Our Body’s Intuition?

According to Marianne Williamson, author and speaker that I was honored to hear speak last night…

Western women have been taught to block their intuition for fear of being labeled as a “witch” and either literally or figuratively, being “burned at the stake”.

She brought up so many historical situations where the “wise woman” (the original name for witch) was silenced out of fear of social persecution.

And so we’ve learned to “silence” that intuitive voice so that it doesn’t drive us crazy listening to something that we cannot express or do anything about.

But the problem is that it’s driving us crazy anyway. It’s driving our bodies into sickness, and our hearts into darkness.

Marianne started looking around and wondering, “Why is the western woman so quiet?”

And she’s stepping up to ask us to USE our gifts, to LISTEN to our intuition, and to HONOR our unique voice that is inside of us.

What’s your intuition telling you that you’re finally READY to listen to? Share it on my facebook wall.

This inner voice gets stronger over time, and it starts when you stop ignoring your body’s intuition.

Your Body Wants To Heal You; Listen to It’s Intuition

Your body is asking to be heard, and waiting to get your attention.

What’s it going to take?

You can try to block it out, but the body’s messages will never go away. It will only get louder and louder until it can no longer be ignored anymore.

Listen to your body’s intuition.

Give your body the LOVE and attention that it deserves.

And honor that deep, intuitive voice that is inside of you. It is your truest, most sincerest friend that will be with you always.

Thank you for having the courage to listen to your inner wisdom and letting your body’s intuition guide you.

You are healing the world, starting with the internal world inside of you.

Your Friend, Love and Light,


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