by Kathryn Weber

When we stop running, we arrive. Unknown

When you want something really badly it’s easy to try to hunt it down like a wild animal. But as someone raised in Texas can tell you, money is a lot like horses – chase them and they’ll run from you. If you’ll stand still, though, they’re curious and will come to you; chasing’s over.

That’s why working harder and being more driven for the singular goal of money alone is not working smart. Money is energy, and understanding how it works (and doesn’t) can help you attract more of it easily so that it comes to you instead of you running after it.
Use this checklist to boost your wealth-attracting power.

Application draws money
What are you doing that’s value-driven? If your focus is on the money, you drive it away. If you put your focus on being the best personal coach or interior designer, the money comes as a result of your application to your higher ideal, being the greatest marketer, for instance. Money should never be your goal. Your higher goal should be.

Worry drives money away
Putting your focus on something that truly cannot help you is a worthless endeavor. Worry is a “problem perpetuator.” An overprotective mom actually attracts accidents, fears and problems to her children.

Haven’t you seen it? The mom who’s fearful about her child drowning creates a child who’s afraid of the water, and thus, never experiences the joys of swimming in summer or stepping into the ocean. What kind of financial baby are you creating?

Stop spending and start investing
So much money is frittered away with niggling expenses that seem so small as to not count. Small change adds up to big dollars. Even the word “change” is about movement — and money — as it’s the word we use when we’re talking about coins.

Watch the designer coffees, lunches out and other small expenses and you’ll be amazed how it adds up F-A-S-T. Put your money somewhere that gives you a return and not a loss! When making a purchase, ask what you get out of it and if the expense is an expense or an investment.

Activate your earth luck
This is your feng shui. Feng shui is earth luck — it’s about an environment that either supports or suppresses you. Is your home a mess and yet you want to activate a wealth corner? Clean up the mess first and you’ll see a change. Once your house is clean and clear, then activate.

Pay attention to your feng shui and keep it up and it will compound. That’s why making monthly and annual feng shui observation is so important; it re-infuses your home or business with beneficial yang energy as you make the changes related to the changing energy.

Boost your wealth sectors
The southeast isn’t the only wealth sector. The southwest, north and northwest are also important wealth sectors. Each should be activated. Wonderful activators for the north, southeast and southwest are waterfalls, fountains, pools, and ponds. In the northwest and north, metal is the rule.

In all sectors, adding light and beautifying the sectors is always a benefit. The northwest corresponds to the man of the house and to noble people who help the man and the woman of the house. The southwest is the “woman” sector of the house and boosting this corner benefits the woman — and all relationships for the residents of the house.

Be kitchen smart
Kitchens are a form of wealth in feng shui. Keep yours clean, well stocked, and do not allow foods to grow into “science experiments” in the fridge. Low on money? What’s your pantry like? Have you got meat that’s three years old in the freezer? Clean up your kitchen and you’ll stimulate some flow again.

To your success! Sincerely, Kathryn

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  1. Jayson on December 14, 2008 at 1:49 am

    Nice article. I might wonder a bit about the feng shui parts, but it is true that attitude and mindset are some of the most important parts of wealth. Particularly important is the call to curb spending. Its not that the $2 saving by avoiding starbucks will buy that much, its the attitude toward simplicity that conversely increases wealth.

  2. Joshua on December 15, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Great article, I liked the part (Stop spending and start investing). This was a message, I have to start investing. The money in the bank is just money the bank invest and make money from my money. I and for me there is just a 3.00% that is gone away with the bank fees. Yes, I got the part (Put your money somewhere that gives you a return and not a loss!) Extremely helpful!


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