By Carol Allen

When you feel uneasy and unsteady around a man you feel passionate about, it’s almost a sure sign you have a chemical attraction or attachment going on… and not the deeper kind of soul “knowing” that means you were born for each other. Here’s how to recognize the real thing: Spiritual attraction.

It Feels Like You’ve Come Home

When you’re with the right guy, you’ll know it because you feel calm about it. It will feel normal, like “of course this is happening”. If you’re feeling anxious around him or about him and you feel the need to analyze his every word with everyone you talk to, then you can be pretty sure he’s not your guy. If you’re thinking “huh” instead of “ahhh” most of the time, something’s wrong.

You’re Being Your Best You

“The guy you were born to be with will be a breath of fresh air to you – you’ll feel like you can let go and let things happen naturally…”

When you get that spring in your step, you start getting kudos at work, and you’re inspired to stick to your workout routine, chances are you’ve landed on Mr. Right. If, however, you’re not functioning at your job, you’ve let your good habits slide, and friends are starting to worry about you, then stop overthinking it: This guy is not The One.

You Can Let Things Unfold

Are you doing, doing, doing to make the relationship happen? Do you feel like you have to constantly control things in order to make the relationship move forward? Then I can tell you that spiritual attraction is not at work here. The guy you were born to be with will be a breath of fresh air to you – you’ll feel like you can let go and let things happen naturally… even if you’re a control freak – although you’ll need to work on this if you want a good, lasting relationship and to save your sanity!

You Feel Comfortable Saying “No”

A sure sign you’re with the wrong guy is when you feel you have to go against your truth to be with him. If you’re making what he thinks the most important thing, and you’re doing things to please him you normally wouldn’t do, then this is not a stellar match. Your true Mr. Right respects who you are and makes you feel comfortable to express what you don’t want.

There’s nothing like the feeling of sharing your life with the guy you have a true spiritual connection with, but this is only one piece of the puzzle. There are four critical astrological keys you need to spark love and make it go the distance… and both partners need to be able to do relationships right.

With love, Carol

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