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Looking at things at face value these days can be alarmingly overwhelming. The state of the world economy, civil unrest in every corner of the globe, wars, famine and natural disasters occurring in unlikely regions are occurrences that can shake the confidence and faith of anyone who does not understand and value the power of the spirit.

Notwithstanding such volatile world events, there are those individuals who are living life as if these occurrences do not affect them in any way. You may ask yourself, “How is this possible? What is he or she working with; and what do I need to do in order to possess this spirit of calm, confidence, and hope that springs eternal?

What they are working with is so powerful, inspirational, and motivational that we all want it. That is why we flock to places of worship, conventions, seminars, conferences, workshops, and other platforms where these individuals share their formulas for creating personal environments that shield them from those forces that seem to be alarming to everyone else.

Well My Friends, “Spirit” Is the Operative Word

Although the Iylana Vanzants’, Oprah Winfreys’, Joel Osteens’, T. D. Jakes’ and other motivational/spiritual speakers have their own individual journeys to recount, testimonies to share, and words of wisdom and instruction to share with us, they all have one thing in common – they walk in the spirit. I recently attended an event where Dr. Vanzant was the key-note speaker.

The minute she entered the room, the entire audience felt her spirit. Before she uttered one word, you could see people re-acting to her spirit, and as she was rendering a powerful speech, you knew the audience was not only looking at the physical body of the woman standing in front of them, they were also reacting to a connection with the spirit of the woman.

Since she is a spiritual vessel ordained to pour into others, she understood that in order for those in the audience to be blessed by her motivational speaking, it was necessary for them to be connected with her on a spiritual level. It was impossible for a room of over 400 people to be physically connected with her.

The only possibility of connection with everyone in a large audience such as this was spiritual. So clearly, the spirit’s reach is far greater than the physical; it is capable of squeezing into cracks, corners, and crevices of life experiences that are physically impossible to penetrate, and will accomplish what the physical is incapable of.

We are all born with spirit. Some people are more aware and in tuned with it than others. That’s not to say there is something wrong with those who need some help, guidance, or clarity because there isn’t. Walking in the spirit is not reserved for any one group of people. The motivational/inspirational speakers whom I’ve just mentioned have the same issues, concerns and challenges as the rest of us.

Although they have notoriety and/or celebrity, they are not exempt from anything that the average man or woman experiences. These are just people who understand, value, and make the decision to walk in the spirit. They have the cameras and audiences, and that is for specific reason as well.

It is their charge in life to demonstrate to the masses, the necessity, power, protection, and benefits of walking in the spirit. So don’t entertain envy because of their phenomenal success. Remember there is a price (good or bad) to pay for everything in life. Most of them have awesome wisdom, guidance, and insight to share because they’ve been to (and through) hell and back a few times.

Do Not Let the Word “Spirit” Spook You

If you understand “spirit” in its many forms, you will understand why it is the key to overcoming, exceeding, and excelling. First of all, the giver of your spirit (i.e. the Creator) is not about destruction, fear, and malice. Therefore, you have nothing to fear by walking in the spirit.

Your spirit is the heart, substance, essence of who you are. You are born of spirit, flesh and blood. The Creator designed the spirit so that it is virtually impossible to destroy as long as you preserve your heart/substance/essence; as long as you are aware and understand your core. When you walk in the spirit, you are fully focused on the heart/substance/essence of you.

When you walk in the spirit, you will exercise faith, believe in limitless possibilities, and view obstacles as inspiration and motivation to keep going rather than roadblocks that stop you dead in your tracks. When you are walking in the spirit, you are conscious not to yield to external forces that are distracting, debilitating, and discouraging. When you walk in the spirit, you will look beyond the immediate and see the victory you are seeking over any situation.

Once you are confident in your life force and source, a true sense of self, you will realize that you are supernatural. Yes – you are supernatural. Natural is being usual, normal, ordinary. However, when you accept that you are more than usual, normal, or ordinary, you understand that notwithstanding the world economy, you have the power and resources to survive.

When you tap into the Supernatural You, you will understand that behavior and activity that divides also weakens and eventually annihilates. In your supernatural state you will not embrace behavior and attitudes that are divisive because you are about enlarging your territory – not obliterating it. The Supernatural You will understand the power in collaborating with others regardless of their differences.

When you have no exposure to other cultures and their people, you make it impossible for you to ever go outside of your own culture because you are not prepared to deal with a world of diversity. The Supernatural You will be willing to extend yourself to others who are in need because you understand that when the spirit of giving surrounds you, the path of the circle must return the gift to its point of origin, meaning it comes back to you.

All of these supernatural elements are necessary to travel the road to victory. Once you have reached Destination Victory, you too, will be an inspiration to others. You will possess that spirit which motivates others to walk in the spirit. You will be a yet another testament to the fact that walking in the spirit lifts you to a position above the fray – exactly where you want to be in a world that can be just as volatile as it is amazing.

Pamela Reaves

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