Spicing Up Your Marriage

After two divorces you’d think I’d give up and take up solo fly fishing – NO! I m more committed than ever to opening my heart, jumping into the unknown with unbridled passion for Truth and Love.

by Allana Pratt

And between you and me, I think third time s the charm as I’ve met a man who s my list and more details as they unfold. For now, enjoy these tools that have helped many of my clients have flourishing families and thriving relationships.

Guy Time

Women- if you re glad to have him out of your hair and enjoy a night to yourself, great!! Be sure to fill yourself up in ways that nourish your Spirit from the inside out.

If not, feel any feelings of abandonment, rejection, loneliness or not enough when he leaves don t blame these feelings on him this is your own personal quiet time to reflect on why your heart is closing so you can feel the feelings you have been repressing.

Let them surface with compassion for yourself, breathe into them, let them dissolve and see what wise lesson graces your consciousness.

Fill the void with self love, self care and pleasure from the inside out.

Intend to feel the pleasure of simply being a sensual woman. Allow the old neediness to transform into healthy heartfelt yearning for your beloved, flooding your open heart.

Girl Time
Women- Nothing in this world can replace a great group of women, women that hear you, see you, love you and will tell you the truth.

Let go of any time spent with women who gossip, man bash, compete or complain life is too short to spend your precious downtime with people that bring you down.

Check in after a phone call, a cup of coffee, a quick trip to the mall or a full Girl s Night out are you depleted or nourished?

Did you feel heard? Did you relax to your core and not have to work to get a word in? Did you feel reminded of your worth for being exactly who you are? Spend regular time with Goddesses who remind you of your worth and celebrate a sensual existence.

The Modern Way to Dance for Him
I know you’ve probably heard about all the pole dancing classes women are taking. I remember back when I surprised my first husband with a sexy little dance whilst he was working from home and he shunned me away saying he was too busy. Ouch.

The second husband got all nervous and fidgety when I would strip for him argh!!!

But who s the only one in common here? Me. Point taken.

So, I took a pole dancing class and was in tears by the second class. I could open and express myself in a small box and any sexual and sensual expression outside of that made me terrified, made me feel ashamed, made me afraid of being rejected, afraid to be judged.

I learned that I was attracting men that were uncomfortable with their sexuality just like me!

So I moved through it and WOW! My last long term boyfriend LOVED me dancing for him and what was great, was that I actually enjoyed it, too! I learned to love my body, my expression, my coyness, my inner nasty girl as well as my goddess, my queen, my sacred feminine spirit.

GO FOR IT! Dance for him, yet first dance for you and come to peace with exactly who you are. Perfectly imperfect. Whole and Complete.

Glorious, Luscious You.

You can learn so much more about how to feel good and find time and pleasure for yourself, even with all the time and energy you’re giving to your children.

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